The fateful prediction of Ursula Sautaille for Russia for 2020. new world war

In the 16th century, the soothsayer and clairvoyant Ursula Southail, who went down in history as Mother Shipton, was born in England.

Throughout her life, she managed to make many important predictions, including the prediction of the plague of London, the Spanish invasion of England, and the Great Fire of London. I also remembered the predictions for the modern generation of Russians.

All of the witch’s prophecies were later published in verse form, as she wrote. Experts study the verses in detail and find confirmation of various real events in them. For example, it is believed that she predicted the Second World War. She wrote that closer to the 20th century, large-scale wars would unfold and death would sweep across the earth.

Her descriptions even looked at modern inventions, such as the telephone, television, aircraft and submarines. There were also predictions for the more distant future.

Prediction for Russia for 2020

It is extremely important to note the fact that Ursula Southail is one of those clairvoyants who predicted the onset of the Third World War. And she believed that Russia would play an important role. Significant should be the end of 2020.

Southail said that during this period a serious conflict will arise on the world political arena, and how other countries will behave will depend on the decision of Russia. If the “Russian people” break loose and the ruler “raises the sword”, then “the earth will be divided into pieces” (divided into alliances) and “a great third battle will unfold.”

If this happens, then we should expect the Day of Judgment, when Gabriel will descend from heaven, blow his trumpet three times and death will take all the unbelieving souls. But there is also a positive side. If Russia reacts correctly, it will become “a source of light for the rest of the world, which will lead to salvation.”

How to understand that she wrote specifically about 2020? There are several details in the poems that relate specifically to this period. For example, “black gold will lose its weight” (an allusion to falling oil prices) or “a new plague will suffocate the world” (perhaps a reference to the coronavirus).

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