The media published Vanga’s terrible prediction for 2019

The famous Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga, who died back in 1996, left a prediction for all of humanity for 2019 before her death. According to the published prophecy, part of Asia will be wiped off the face of the Earth due to a natural cataclysm, and Russia will face a meteorite fall.

Thus, Asia is in danger of an earthquake that could trigger a tsunami in the Indian Ocean. According to the forecasts of the clairvoyant, the cataclysm will be comparable in strength to the earthquake in the Indian Ocean in 2004. Russia, meanwhile, is threatened by a meteorite fall that could destroy cities and towns.

Interestingly, Vanga also predicted that US President Donald Trump would be stricken by a mysterious illness. The politician will have tinnitus and nausea, he will remain deaf. However, similar symptoms may occur in American diplomats in Cuba and China. According to Vanga, this may be due to a classified weapon or a side effect of constant wiretapping. In addition, one of the president’s relatives will get into a serious accident.

We will remind, earlier Vanga predicted that by 2028 global hunger on the planet will be eradicated. And by 2256, people will create a Martian colony that will become a nuclear power and demand independence from Earth.

Earlier, the Bulgarian seer Vanga predicted that in 2018 a serious clash between two world powers, possibly Russia and the United States, would begin.

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