“They will check Russia three times.” The fateful prediction of Pasha Kapovskaya for Russia for 2021

Blessed Pasha Sarovskaya became famous for her accurate prophecies for Russia. Modern researchers are interested in her forecasts for Russia for 2021.

The famous soothsayer was born in 1795 under the name of Irina Ivanovna. Her gift began to manifest itself during periods of wandering, when she ran away from the owners (she was the daughter of serfs) after the death of her husband, with whom she lived for 20 years.

It was rumored that Seraphim of Sarov knew her, who considered the gift and gave a blessing for wandering and a righteous lifestyle. Visions came to Pasha Sarovskaya suddenly. For example, she could warn if a person was going to be killed or robbed, she knew who would die in the village, and when a baby would be born. And her predictions were always accurate.

But the latest forecasts concerning Russia attract the most attention. She said that they would “check Russia three times,” after which a fateful period would come that would decide everything.

It is believed that the first test came in 1917, when people could abandon the revolution and decide everything peacefully. The second test came in 1988, when the USSR was already on the verge of collapse. After 10 years, Russia was again asked when it was not possible to achieve canonization for the executed royal family.

Pasha Sarovskaya said that the country would not pass the test, after which it would be asked every 10 years. She called 2028 especially difficult, when Russia could enter into a large-scale war with several states and split into parts.

Will it happen? Pasha Sarovskaya said that the year 2021 would be indicative. This is a fatal period when a new scheme of actions will be laid by the leader. If the ruler makes the right decisions, then Russia will stop going through trials and begin to get out of the crisis. If he goes the usual way, then “war and devastation will not be avoided.”

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