What Dannion Brinkley predicted for Russia and the world

He survived and became a prophet after being struck by lightning. Of his 117 predictions, 95 have already come true! Read about this amazing man and his prophecies in the article.

The indicator of the feasibility of the predictions of the prophet of modern times D. Brinkley is very high. Of the 117, over 80% came true. Moreover, in his forecasts, this person names the specifics and does not use any vague general phrases.

Who was this Brinkley? Really a prophet of the new age?

He did not count himself among the prophets and seers. An ordinary (like any of us) person has learned to foresee the future since 1975 of the last century after a lightning strike. He was just talking on the phone when lightning struck him (there was a thunderstorm) and “burnt his spine.”

He survived after this tragic incident, but briefly felt the full state of clinical death. By the way, there were already three of these episodes in his life (also in 1989, when he underwent open-heart surgery, and in 1997)! At these moments of time, he was shown not only what he had lived (as in a movie), but also some very significant events that awaited humanity were revealed.

About Dannion’s book

20 years after the lightning incident, Brinkley published his book. In it he described everything that was shown to him in a short time after the lightning strike. He says that he ended up in a crystal city. Higher entities began to talk to him, one of them personified love, another devotion and other good qualities. In the book, he calls them “thirteen beings of light.”

All these inhabitants of the higher spheres of being told Brinkley about significant events in the life of civilization at the end of the 20th century and the first half of the 21st century. Everything they wanted to say showed up in his brain. In the course of communication, for familiarization, he was presented with small boxes in which various 3D scenes were played out. There were 117 such scenes, respectively, the same number of boxes.

He saw:

  • the Chernobyl accident;
  • events at Japanese Fukushima;
  • the collapse of the Soviet Union;
  • a wave of emigrants from Africa and so on.

He also had absolutely fantastic visions that make you shudder, but seeing how computer technology is actively developing now, you can believe it.

  1. Chipping. Dannion Brinkley assures that soon every person will be implanted with a chip. Officially with different, but “harmless” goals. For example, to find a missing person and for medical purposes – to track brain activity (it is necessary for some serious diseases). Also, this chip will contain information about all diseases suffered by a person, that is, his anamnesis, which is important for a doctor. But the “high ranks”, the government, will also have access to this chip. And in this way, perhaps in one moment, perhaps it will even be something like a sentence, they will be able to end a person.
  2. Interdimensional communication with the dead. There will be technical devices that will help to do this!
  3. The fact of the existence of alien beings will be proven. Brinkley writes that the first contact will occur in 2008. Whether he was or not, who knows…

All this is described in the book “Saved by the Light” (by the way, it can be easily found in the public domain on the Internet and read, quite interesting) in 1994, long before they were sold. Of those scenes that were shown in 117 boxes, 95 events have come true to date. Brinkley’s book became a bestseller. Based on the plot, the film “Saving Light” was filmed. In the US, Brinkley is a very famous person, he is often invited to TV. Modern researchers of the content of Brinkley’s book are especially interested in those scenes that have not yet come true.

It should be noted that among the 117 predictions of the prophet of modern times there are not only negative forecasts about wars and accidents, explosions and catastrophes. Some of them describe the positive future of the earth. In particular, Brinkley in his book pointed out the huge mission of Russia for the future of mankind.

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