What Pastor Kenton Beshora Predicted for Humanity in the Coming Years

American priest Kenton Beshora dedicated his life to serving God and people. For many years he preached in his native California, in addition, he traveled with his speeches to different cities in the United States and also visited many other countries of the world. More than once the pastor visited places where people live especially hard. For example, he was in African countries, visited refugee camps, helped those in need, getting them medicines, food and everything they needed.

As he grew spiritually, Kenton began to devote more and more time to the study of holy scripture. Having become the head of the world bible society, the pastor was imbued with the study of the Bible, trying to find in this ancient book answers to a variety of questions that concern mankind. Unfortunately, in 2016, Kenton Beshora left this mortal world, but he left behind a lot of works in which he predicts various upcoming events, including the exact date of the apocalypse (end of the world).

What awaits the planet according to Beshora’s predictions

So, the book with the notes of the American pastor Kenton Beshora was found by his associates after the death of the priest. In his writings, Kenton says that the end of the set will come as early as 2021. He was able to determine this date in the process of studying the Holy Scriptures. According to the priest, the apocalypse will not happen instantly; events that will lead to the death of civilization and the planet will occur within seven years. At the same time, the situation of people will be aggravated gradually.

It all starts with various natural anomalies. Powerful hurricanes will hit different continents, after which there will be many strong earthquakes that will cause huge tidal waves and floods around the world.

Further on the planet there will be many military conflicts. According to Kenton Beshore, the most serious war will take place (who would doubt it) in the Middle East. It will begin with an attack by Iran on Israel, while taking into account the fact that both these powers have powerful military arsenals (including nuclear weapons), such a conflict will cause a global catastrophe. Over time, larger players will intervene in the massacre, including all the world’s military superpowers (USA, China, Russia), after which the planet will be on the verge of complete resolution.

Millions of people will die, however, according to Kenton Beshore, this sacrifice is necessary in order to cleanse the world of sinners.

How it all ends

As you know, the Bible teaches that after the apocalypse the world is waiting for the second coming of the savior. Christ will again appear on Earth according to the predictions of the pastor in 2028. After this event, which many people on our planet are waiting for. Survivors can expect two possible options. According to the first, Christ will take the righteous to heaven in heaven and give them that very treasured eternal life. The second option, he will cleanse the planet of filth and again give people a chance to build a new, more just civilization that will be built on peace and harmony.

How new are the pastor’s ideas

It should be said that the ideas expressed by the American pastor are far from new. Every person who has ever encountered religious dogmas knows that they are all built on approximately the same principle. The world is filled with sinners who spoil everything around them. At one point, when the “Good God” gets tired of this, he sends all kinds of cataclysms to the planet, the main task of which is to destroy all those who have stained themselves with unrighteous behavior. At the same time, as you know, people who promote such dogmas are often far from being angels themselves. Those de priests (regardless of the church to which they serve) themselves often behave in a completely inappropriate way.

For example, if we talk about Kenton Beshore, then many people familiar with his ideas accused the pastor during his lifetime of extremely xenophobic views. He belittled many nationalities, countries and cultures, lauding the US and Israel as the two greatest powers in the world. In his opinion, it is these two states that have the right and should decide the fate of the world. It is clear that not all people on our planet agree with this approach.

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