The third world war is not the worst thing that awaits people: the prophet warned of another shock. What will happen soon?

The onset of the Third World War is not the most terrible thing that awaits people: another shock foreseen by the prophet.

The fact that the Third World War is possible is told by many publications and television. The most basic thing was expressed by the great prophet Nostradamus. If you believe his prophecies, then humanity expects many upheavals. In addition, one of them will appear much more terrible in comparison with the Third World War.

According to the prophet, humanity will not bypass the global conflict, which will stretch for several decades and become very destructive. Referring to the interpretations deciphered by Nostradamus, large hostilities are formed in France, and then they will disperse around the world.

In addition, a terrible misfortune awaits humanity, entailing mass deaths. This refers to some natural disasters. Nostradamus predicted that people would see the Earth go under water.

The prophet had warnings and the Americans were supposedly in for a severe earthquake, which would turn into the most natural disaster in the history of the country. The interpreters of the seer’s prophecies believe that this can happen in the current year.

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