Khairakhan Babaji – a prediction about Russia

Many seers in their predictions mentioned Russia as a place where the souls of people will be saved, where the prosperity of the people, love, understanding, peace will reign. The spiritual teacher Khairakhan Babaji, who lived in India from 1970 to 1984, also made predictions about the Russian land.

The date of birth of a yogi is considered to be November 30, 203, and since then he has never died, but has appeared to people many times. That is, he was reborn into other people and repeatedly appeared to them in order to give his teachings.

Khairakhan Babaji is known to many in India, he always appeared suddenly, and at the right time he disappeared, but then appeared again. If we consider his year of birth in 203, then we can calculate that he is already more than 1800 years old! Today I want to talk about exactly what Babaji said about Russia.

Prophecies are known, which say that Russia will be reborn. It is she who will become the country that is based on the latest principles of the true Faith.

The history of our country has given the people lessons of non-attachment to each of the worldview systems. People endured the influence of various views and ideologies. And their quick change for a person is like a sudden catastrophe. But for the development of the human soul, these changes play a big role. A person changes his worldview, gets a broader consciousness and looks at the world much wider. Russia stood out to Babaji among other countries of the globe. Undoubtedly, Tibet and India have rich spiritual traditions, but these very traditions are many thousands of years old, which slows down the development of human consciousness. What is beneficial to the body is not always so beneficial to the formation of the soul.

True Russians who continued to live in Russia for a long time experienced difficulties that can be compared with initiations, such as those given to disciples in the past by adherents. Russia will take the leading place of all countries in terms of the number of people who have attained the consciousness of Christ.

That is why Babaji says that Russia will be the country where people from all over the world will begin to gather in order to be trained. Russia’s wealth is not in oil or gold. It is much larger, and is concentrated precisely in the minds of people. Just as there are empty rocks among gold nuggets, there are also those among people who wanted to go through initiation and overcome their consciousness. Someone failed, and the one who was able to do it, gained the recognition of the Ascended Host.

Babaji says that the revival of Russia begins from the place where the rivers Tara and Om flow. First there will be people who will have the degree of consciousness of Buddha and Christ. Passing the hardships of trials, they have earned their consciousness. And then, through the consciousness of people, they will be able to change the world around, and also acquire qualities close to the Divine world.

So far, these people are hidden, and they cannot be seen by an inexperienced eye. But they exist. It’s just that a person who has not reached a certain level of discrimination cannot find nuggets between layers of waste rock. The prophecy has already been spoken, and it will come true!

Babaji’s main prophecy is that it is Russia that will become the very country where there will be completely new orders based on the true Faith. The yogi argued that the world would be shocked by social disasters and natural disasters, they would greatly change the face of the Earth. And people will begin to love, their consciousness will change, they will perceive everything around them differently. The main thing in the teachings of Babaji is the desire for love and simplicity.

The most spiritual place is Russia, according to Babaji, more specifically, it is Siberia. It was on the Siberian land that the Temple of Hanuman was built, and immediately the events that are described in the ancient Indian epic Ramayana took place.

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