Clairvoyant faith lion and its prediction for the last days. Prophecies about the future of France (4 photos)

Political strife, local wars, economic collapses and natural disasters are heating up the situation in the world. Experts are no longer able to give advice that would help to meet the future with dignity. More and more people are looking for answers in the prophecies, studying them verbatim and finding parallels with what is happening. From this perspective, the predictions of Vera Lyon deserve special attention. Kazakh Vanga has already managed to look into 2019 and see what awaits Russia and the United States. It revealed to her how the fate of Ukraine would turn out, and what would be the solution for the conflict in the Donbass.

Who is Vera Lyon?

This woman has more fulfilled predictions than her own. The fortuneteller has an official website, which indicates that she was born in 1976 in the city of Yekaterinburg. Now Vera Visich (Lyon is a pseudonym) lives in Kazakhstan. About herself, she says that:

  • enjoys psychology, poetry and photography;
  • practices white magic and quackery;
  • has strong psychic abilities

Even in early childhood, Vera began to have strange visions. Since then, she has been trying to capture each “picture” and convey it verbatim. A difficult life taught Vera attentiveness and perseverance. Her every day begins with checking e-mail and answering letters from people who are worried about the fate of the world and are looking for support from an unusual chosen one of fate. But, it is now, and before everything was different.

At the age of five, Vera Lyon had a dream in which her father had a terrible accident. Waking up, the frightened girl wrote down the vision and showed it to her parents, begging her not to leave the house. The child was not believed. Dad left for work, and a few hours later there was an accident. He was saved only by a miracle. Despite the incident, no one thought of investigating what had happened. The girl withdrew into herself, alone trying to survive the nightmares. At the age of 14, her “third eye” opened. A bright screen seemed to appear in front of the face, which often broadcast terrible events. This phenomenon also had to be kept secret, for fear of being branded crazy.

Clairvoyance: Gift or Curse

It is difficult to imagine how a person feels who knows in advance what will happen in a minute, an hour, a day or a year. How does he see the world, his own fate, the fate of loved ones, and how is it to know that a war is about to begin in a neighboring state? Vera says that now it is easier for her, and in adolescence, dreams caused a serious illness. Even in her youth, the seer learned everything about her own fate: from her profession to her husband’s last name and the color of her children’s eyes, but she was getting worse.

Vera Lyon was saved by a fateful meeting. Once a strange stranger approached her and asked about her health. The girl had a feeling that it was not of her own free will. It was as if someone controlled the woman, but it was she who called on the clairvoyant to curb the energy tearing her brain, relying on intuition. “Just start practicing,” the messenger said verbatim. From that moment, the formation of the Kazakh Vanga began. She studied literature, which helped her learn:

  • predict the future;
  • treat people;
  • find missing persons

The disease gradually receded. An extraordinary personality appeared, capable of not only looking into the future, but also communicating with incorporeal entities from other dimensions. The psychic dubbed them plasmoids and tries to capture them on film, but the technique fails or breaks down.

Current forecast for 2019

As usual, Vera Lyon captures her visions. It is difficult to convey the “broadcast” verbatim, but the “intermediary” knows how to interpret unsteady symbols. On her page, she regularly publishes announcements about what awaits Russia and the world. Here are just a few accurate prophecies:

  • crisis in the USA;
  • snow storms in Germany;
  • volcanic eruption in Italy;
  • Maidan in Ukraine;
  • war in Donbas and Syria

All these predictions have come true. Now on the agenda for New Year 2019. He, the medium is sure, does not promise Russia special surprises. For this country, the most difficult tests are left behind. It remains to keep the course for transformation, reap the benefits and expand cooperation within the framework of the BRICS. The organization will include at least 15 states. America will have a hard time. The seer warns the people of the United States of an impending catastrophe. Most likely, it will be the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano, and maybe the bombing, because the planet has long been on the verge of World War III.

The fortune-teller also has a forecast for Ukraine. Unfortunately, he is disappointing. In 2019, only deterioration is still expected here. Having learned what awaits Russia and the United States, inquisitive citizens will definitely want to hear how the situation will change. The psychic answered unequivocally: “Peace will be restored in Novorossia and the economy will gradually improve.”

Verbatim interpretation of some of the prophecies of Vera Lyon

World economy “She will continue to experience instability. And the dollar is its priority. And this will certainly be felt in countries of all regions of the world. As a result, the most affected states will be quite prosperous states, about which this is now impossible to even think about. In them, unemployment can take catastrophic proportions, which will create chaos in the minds of people. There are many who simply lose themselves in the urban jungle, where money, material goods and nothing else rule the show. ”
Situation in Russia “I see a ladder that goes very high up. This means that the ruble will strengthen. At the same time, an improvement in the economic situation may provoke a large influx of people wishing to enter the country, which in turn will lead to a tightening of Russia’s migration policy.”
Geopolitics “The situation in Syria will improve. It will begin the restoration of infrastructure, the construction of housing for civilians. The Islamists, of course, will still try to take revenge. However, there will be a leak of some very important – resonant – information, which with a high degree of probability will force the world community to take a different look at the circumstances in the Middle East. Perhaps even the true culprits of all the problems of the last decade will be named.
Society “The humanity of people in various countries will increase. Many will begin to come to spirituality. By the way, this will be one of the significant reasons that the risk of the threat of a third world war will begin to decrease. A massive turn towards real human values ​​will make people less susceptible to the zombifying aggression emanating from the media.
Ukraine “Complete disregard for Ukrainian affairs by the US leadership will push Ukraine to the abyss, but Trump will remain adamant and make an appropriate official statement, as well as a statement about the refusal of any financial injections into this state”
Donbass “An attempt to send NATO troops to the Donbass will fail. Novorossiya will win when it is led by a lion. It can be a name, a zodiac sign, etc.”
Ecology “The planet will begin to actively respond to the “economic” activities of mankind. The consequences of many decades of thoughtless spending of its resources and causing harm will be a series of cataclysms from which the United States and Japan will suffer more than others.

The Austrian clairvoyant Gottfried von Werdenberg , who sees episodes of the future as if on a screen, predicted ( in 1994 ) many future events. All his predictions come true with extraordinary accuracy.

“Germany, France , Italy and England receive many foreigners. Many countries will experience turmoil, a sort of civil war. Shortly before the outbreak of the Third World War, many Eastern Europeans and Southeastern Europeans will flock to Western Europe. Islam will grow in strength and will provoke Christianity… There will be civil wars in France , Italy and England…”

Prophecies of the American Dannion Brinkley about France: “In 2004, a book will be published in France that will cause angry protest throughout the Arab world. After some time, the water supply systems in Paris will be poisoned by a poisonous substance, and thousands of innocent people will die.”

Eduard Albert Meyer (“Billy”) was born on February 3, 1937 in Bulach (Switzerland) in a large shoemaker’s family. Mayer claimed in 1975 that he had repeatedly made contact with extraterrestrials from the Pleiades constellation. From January 1975 until the summer of 1996, according to Billy Meyer, there were about 250 contacts with extraterrestrials who reported some future events (“Enoch’s prophecies”). The Swiss predicted many future events, many of which have already been fulfilled.

“The machinations in France and Sweden, as well as the dictatorial laws of the European Union, will lead to many riots and uprisings. The crimes committed by bandits and organized crime in these countries will lead to an inevitable civil war.

In addition, significant tensions will arise between natives and immigrants from other countries, who tend to adhere to other religious beliefs. And, in the end, this will lead to serious conflicts. Hatred against strangers, foreigners and people with different religious beliefs will be the main reason for the growth of neo-Nazism, terrorism and extremism.”

France will not only be conquered by an aggressor from without, but will also be conquered from within, as a result of the combined actions of local rebels and foreign troops. This will happen when many foreigners of various religions in France, in particular Islam, which will be the main force at the time. After the fall of France, the conquest of Spain and England will take place. Subsequently, an alliance of aggressors will be formed who will invade Scandinavia.

For military operations, weapons of mass destruction stored in the arsenals of France will be used, which will bring the evil of destruction and annihilation. The aggressors from the East and the troops of the French army will combine their forces to wage war against the northern countries of Europe, they will invade and capture Sweden as well as Norway. Their armed forces will also attack Finland and cause great destruction, then many will be killed.

Subsequently, these northern countries will be annexed to Russia … “

Maria Julia Jahanet ( 1850-1900) was born in a small village near the town of Blaine (in the southern part of Brittany, France). Since childhood, she wanted to become a missionary nun, but her health did not allow her to realize her calling. On March 15, 1873, Mary had a vision of the Mother of God.

Prophecy about France : “Almost all of France will become Muslim and will be left without religion … France, so beautiful in the past, will lose its honor and dignity. It will be captured by foreign people, soulless and merciless …

Italian peasant woman Maria Taiji (1769-1857), France will fall into terrible anarchy. The French people will have a terrible civil war in which even old people will take up arms. Political parties, exhausted by the shedding of blood and not exhausting their fury, will not be able to reach any satisfactory mutual understanding and agreement. Then they will turn to the Holy See. The Pope will send his legate to France so that he can study the state of affairs and the state of the people. As a result of the information received, His Holiness himself will appoint a Christian monarch and the government of France .”

On September 19, 1846, the fifteen-year-old shepherdess Melanie Calva (1831-1903) and the eleven-year-old Maxim Giraud, not far from Grenoble (La Saletta), had a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who informed the children about a series of world wars, destroyed cities and various cataclysms of the future:

“Before the outbreak of the Third World War , France , Italy, Spain and England will be in a state of civil war. Blood will be shed in the streets, the French will fight against the French, and the Italians against the Italians. A terrible war will begin.

At this time, God will not remember Italy and France, as they have forgotten the gospel. Evil people will be shown all their cruelty, they will be killed even in houses. The first blow of the sword of God will fall on mankind like lightning, the mountains and nature will tremble, as the disorder and atrocities of men will grow to the vault of heaven.

Paris will be destroyed by fire and Marseille will be flooded by the sea. Other large cities will burn in flames and be razed to the ground. The righteous will suffer much. Their tears, requests and repentance will be turned to heaven. All the people will pray to God for forgiveness and sing hymns. People will come to me for intercession and my help…”

Prophecy from Tours.

The prediction of a nun who lived in the city of Tours (France). Her name is unknown. The revelations received between 1872 and 1873 were published in The Eve of Christ’s Victory, 1882.

“Before war starts again, food will be scarce and expensive. There will be no work for the workers and fathers will hear the cry of their hungry children. Then there will be earthquakes and signs in the sun.

In the end, darkness will cover the Earth. When everyone believes that peace has been achieved, when least expected, it will begin. A revolution will begin in Italy, almost at the same time as in France . For some time the church will be without a Pope. The Church of England will suffer much.

The revolution will spread to every city in France . Then the great defeat will begin. This revolution will last only a few months, but it will be very scary, because the blood will flow everywhere, the wickedness of the wicked will reach its climax. Military casualties. Paris will look like a slaughterhouse. There will be more persecution of the church, but it will not last long. All churches will be closed… Many bishops and priests will be put to death. The Archbishop of Paris will be killed. Many other priests in Paris will have their throats cut because they won’t have time to find a place to hide.

The wicked will be masters for a year and a few months. In those days, France will not receive human assistance. Will be alone and defenseless …

Prophecy Pere Nechtou (died c. 1777) – abbot of the brotherhood of Jesus Christ in Belgium. Prediction about France: “When these things come to pass, which will happen before the triumph of the Church, then such confusion will reign on Earth. People will think that God has given them the right to have their own will, and vice versa, God does not care about the world. The confusion will be so general that humanity will not be able to think of the good, as if there were no divine providence and no God. During these tribulations, the best thing to do is stay where God has put us and find faith in fervent prayer.

Two sides will form in France that will fight to the death. First the evil side will be stronger, the good side must be weaker. At this time, there will be such terrible disasters, and people, frightened by the events, will believe that the end of the world has already come. Blood will flow in several major cities. All fundamentals will be shaken. It will be like a general judgment. A large number of people will die in these disastrous times. But evil will never prevail. They really organize a plot to destroy the Church, but there will not be enough time, since the terrible crisis will be short. When they think all is lost, they will be safe.

During this revolution, which will most likely be general, and will not be limited to France . Paris must be so completely destroyed that twenty years later, when fathers walk with their children through the ruins, they will ask: “What place was this?”

Answering their questions, they will say to them:

“My child, there was a great city here, God destroyed it for its crimes.”

Paris must certainly be destroyed, but before that happens, there will be signs and signs that all good people will be forced to fly out of it. After these terrible events, everything will be in order. Justice will rule in the world. The counter-revolution is suppressed. The victory of the Church will be so complete that such events will not be repeated, for this is the last victory of the Church on Earth. Those people who see this last revolution will thank God for keeping them.

Prophecies of Nostradamus.

Head of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn.

God Almighty, what a change!

Then, after a long century, his evil time will return.

Gaul and Italy, what excitement.

1. The head of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn – the beginning of March, which corresponds to the zodiac constellation Cancer. The conjunction of these planets is quite rare and it happened on February 18, 1941. At this time, France was already occupied by German troops.

3-4. Then, after a long century, his evil time will return – the next conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (in a century) will occur on October 27, 2040.

Prediction of terrible events similar to the Second World War, which will occur in a hundred years in France and Italy. The main hostilities of the Third World War in Italy and France will begin in the 40s of the 21st century. Michel Nostradamus has a quatrain (1-51), where he predicts an “evil time” in Italy and France – the events of World War II. To date this event, he uses a very rare conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in early March.

Philip Theophast Bombast von Hohenheim (1493-1541) – physician, naturalist, alchemist and astrologer, who is better known as Paracelsus . Wrote the book “Oracles”, where he describes the events of the future until the end of the XXII century. A prophecy about a future war, where he indicates the date of future hostilities in France.

  1. 500 years after the death of Paracelsus, a terrible danger hangs over the world. 1541 + 500 = 2041.
  2. It won’t happen until there’s a terrible solar eclipse.”
  3. “I tell you how the waters of the mighty river will overflow, rebellions, riots, numerous murders, fires and all the evil in the northern countries will begin.”
  4. “Then beware Brabant, Flanders, Zeeland, my compatriots and Swiss cheese consumers.”
  5. “Then Lily (France) will fall apart altogether, be robbed and abandoned.”
  6. At the same time, the wise Monarch will be deposed, insulted and despised. Osman will be in charge and the Monarch must kowtow to him.

Prophecy of the German monk Bernard Rembord (15th century): “A terrible time of blood will come when a fierce battle will begin near Cologne. It will be impossible to prevent this terrible devastation. A terrible war cannot be avoided. People will walk around in blood up to their ankles. The foreign king will want victory for his side, but the rest of the enemy will retreat to Little Birch Tree . The last battle will be fought for a just cause. Foreigners will bring with them the black death ( probably bacteriological weapons ). Those who escape the sword will be eaten by the pestilence. The earth will be empty and left unattended.

At this time, France will be divided. The emperor of Germany will be chosen by a simple man who will rule for a short time. His successor will be a man striving for peace. He will call himself the Catholic Emperor and establish peace throughout the world. He will restore order and justice. The reign of a great monarch is foretold by the prophets. At that time there will be no Jews in Germany and the heretics will admit their mistakes. A good and happy era will follow. They will glorify God on earth and there will be no more wars … The fugitives and their children will return and continue to live in peace in their homeland.

When the emperor of Germany passes away. The man who bears the crown will come ( The Second Coming of Jesus Christ ). The world has been waiting for it for a long time.”

The prediction of St. Giovanni Rotondo (1918-1968), a Capuchin monk, probably refers to the use of neutron bombs during the Third World War. “When it’s too late, a big rock will emerge from the whiteout during the night – a night without a declaration of war. From Bucharest to Nuremberg and from Dresden to Berlin, the borders will be occupied by troops. The third line will run from the Ruhr basin to Kaliningrad. Then black and gray birds will fly from the south with such power that they will change the sky and the earth ( Islamic air raid— Approx. author.). The main headquarters of the troops in Kirsberg, near Bonn. The first bomb will fall on the church near the Bavarian Forest. Everything will be destroyed and no one can escape it. Over there, tanks are driving through huts and houses, people are sitting in this technique, but their bodies are hanging down, they are dead, all around with black faces. Floods will destroy towns and villages. Southern England with the northern coast will disappear, Scotland will survive. In the west, the land will disappear, and new lands will appear.

New York and Marseille will perish. Paris will be two-thirds destroyed. Raisten, Augsburg, Vienna will be retained. Augsburg and the countries south of the Danube will not feel the consequences of the war. Whoever looks in the direction of destruction will perish, his heart will not withstand this terrible sight. More people will die in one night than in two world wars.

Abbé Souffrant’s prophecy.

Prophecy of the abbot (d. 1828) about the future of France : “Before the appearance of a great monarch, terrible troubles will come. Blood will be shed in streams in the north and in the south. In the West, they will give up their faith. The color of blood in the north and south. I see its flow like rain on the day of a great storm. I see horses covered in blood down to their bridles. Paris will be so destroyed that it looks like it will be plowed over…

A great monarch will do amazing and wonderful things that the most unbelieving will recognize the finger of God. In his reign, justice will be ensured.

Using the commandments of God, the Great Monarch will destroy all heretical sects, all superstitions, and spread, in accordance with the holy pontiff, the Catholic religion throughout the world, except for Palestine, the land of damnation. After the break, he will convene a general Council, despite the opposition of the clergy themselves. Then there will be one flock and one shepherd, because all the infidels and heretics (but not the Jews, whose mass will not change until the Beast dies) will enter the Roman Catholic Church, whose triumph will continue until the death of the Antichrist.

By the end of the usurper’s reign, the Pope will die, his successor will be the young Pope. Restoration of faith will occur with him.

Some time before this restoration, she (France) will be forced to wage foreign wars, which will lay a heavy burden on the men. Every single one, from eighteen to thirty years old, will leave.

All the forces of the state are captured by an alien power, the Minister of the Interior of France will revolt. The civil war will be directed primarily against religion… The blow will be terrible. They will fight in the south and in the north for several weeks, and the last fifteen days, day and night. Nevertheless, this war will not be long, but several times more people will die in it than in the ninety – third all major cities ( apparently, most French citizens will die as a result of the use of chemical weapons – “smell”).

The authorities, seeing this disorder in France, will act not in favor of the law, but in order to destroy France. The British will betray. The emperor from Russia will reach the Rhine (Germans), but an invisible hand will stop him. He recognizes the right hand of God because he is a Catholic.

At that moment they will believe that all is lost, all is lost, because everything is ordained by God. Heaven will favor France. They will return the victory, but it will be a miracle of God, not of people. A thing so amazing that the common people would call it a miracle. And the restoration (of France) will take place.

Prophecies of Saint John (Giovanni) Bosco (1815-1888). Prophecy about France: “War comes from the south, peace from the north. The French laws do not recognize the Creator, but the Creator will force himself to recognize himself and punish her three times with the staff of his wrath. On the first visit, he will break her pride by conquering, ruining, robbing crops and slaughtering people and animals.

On the second visit, the great prostitute of Babylon, who will make decent people sigh, make a brothel from Europe, the country will be left without a leader and will be a victim of disorder.

Paris! Paris! Instead of serving in the name of the Lord, you are building houses of immorality. They will be destroyed by you. Your idol Pantheon will be burned to the ground. All this will come true… Your enemies will reduce you, want to do it with hunger and fear and turn you into a disgusting nation. Ah, woe to you if you do not recognize the hand that will strike you. “I want to punish immorality, disrespect and contempt for my Law,” says the Lord.

The third time you will be in the hands of foreigners. Your enemies standing in the distance will see your palaces on fire. Your houses will turn into a heap of ruins filled with blood of your heroes who do not yet exist.

But a great warrior will come from the North carrying a banner in his right hand, on which is written: “The irresistible hand of the Lord.” At this time, the elder Lazio will come out to meet him, carrying high a brightly flaming torch. The banner will then increase in size and turn from black to white. In the middle of the banner will be written in golden letters the name of the one who is able to do all things. Voin and his people will bow and shake hands with the old man.”

Abbess Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) About the end of the Third World War.

“A powerful wind will rise in the North, carrying with it, by divine decree, heavy fog and thick dust. It will fill their throats and eyes, and they will cease their cruelty, stricken with great fear. There will be so few men left that seven women will fight for one man. And they will say to him: “Marry me to remove my shame.” For in those days it will be a shame for a woman not to have a child, as it was with the Jews in the Old Testament.”

“Peace will return to Europe when the white flower regains power on the throne of France . During this time, people will be forbidden to carry weapons, and iron will be used only for the manufacture of agricultural implements and tools. The land at that time will be very fertile, and many Jews, pagans and heretics will join the Church.”

Many are interested in Vera Lyon’s predictions for 2019. From time immemorial, people have been trying to find out the future of the country and their destiny. Some try to get a forecast based on the opinion of politicians and scientists about upcoming events. Others adhere to centuries-old methods and go to fortune-tellers.

Predictions for 2019

Vera Lyon’s latest predictions are of a general nature. As the clairvoyant says, there are many different countries in the world and they have different fates. Her visions are concrete, but the images can be interpreted in different ways. Many of them become clear after the foreseen comes true.

What awaits Russia

No big shocks are expected for our country in 2019. Politically, 2017 was a difficult year, in 2018 the situation became more stable, the next year will be quite successful and will be the beginning of Russia’s path to success in the global political arena.

In Vera’s vision, a man and a woman are sitting by the hearth, the man is reading a newspaper, and the woman is wrapped in a blanket and busy with needlework. It symbolizes peace and stability. Winter in 2019 will be harsh, with lots of snow and snowstorms expected. Another image foreseen by the psychic is a new military technique developed in our country, which shoots from underground. This can be interpreted both literally and in a generalized way – the buildup of military power by the state.

What awaits the world

Vera Lyon’s predictions for 2019 for the whole world have also been published, although the clairvoyant says that the future will be clearer as the new year approaches. The images of the future are restless, but she does not predict terrible catastrophes. Cataclysms, disasters and wars will still continue, but their number will be less than in 2017 and 2018.

The first vision concerns a boat, which symbolizes the world. At first it capsizes and sinks, but then levels off. Then the boat capsizes over the waterfall, the people in it screaming, and a bright light rises from below. The prophetess has not yet deciphered these images in detail, but they do not portend tragedy – the world will have difficulties, but everything will work out. Another plot is connected with the water that rises above high-rise buildings, and dragons fly in the sky. The flood recedes, the water goes into the broken earth.

An old man in black clothes strikes lightning in the same place – perhaps this means a new military conflict – in Africa or the Middle East. In Syria, the situation will even out, peaceful neighborhoods will begin to be restored. Refugees from other countries will migrate to Europe, Russia and even Syria.

The prophetess does not predict anything good for European countries. She claims that the policy of Trump, the President of the United States, will be aggressive towards Europe, and the strongest economic crisis awaits its inhabitants. Russia and the United States will establish relatively friendly relations, but China and America will have a conflict (not military, but political).

The world alignment of religious forces, according to Vera, will change significantly in 2019-2020. Catholicism will be discredited, loud revelations of church dignitaries are not ruled out. The clairvoyant predicts the emergence of another religion, which will arise among the Jews and which will be followed by many nations.

Lyon also predicts the fall of a large plane – the crash will occur over the sea.

Clairvoyant faith lion and its prediction for the last days. Prophecies about the future of France (4 photos)

Fulfilled predictions

The clairvoyant has many come true predictions. Some of these events took place in the last century. The most famous predictions are:

  • Gorbachev’s resignation in 1991;
  • the collapse of the Soviet Union;
  • the global economic crisis in 2007;
  • the war in Ukraine and Novorossiya and the victory of Yanukovych in the elections;
  • war in Syria;
  • many fires, volcanoes and cataclysms that have occurred in the last decade.

Who is Vera Lyon

Clairvoyant, fortune teller, healer, psychic – Vera Lyon gained fame in certain circles back in the 2000s. It is believed that her prophecies come true by 95%. She is one of the few famous soothsayers living today whose name is well known and trusted by the public. “Kazakhstan Vanga” – this is how fans of her mystical talent call Vera.

The path of the clairvoyant

Vera Vitalievna Visich was born in Sverdlovsk in 1962. She was an unusual girl – from an early age she heard voices, saw images and shadows that spoke to her. Parents did not pay attention, and having matured, the girl herself stopped talking about the other world, fearing that she would be recognized as crazy. Although her mother guessed well, and taught her daughter this, the rest of the seer’s talents were not used at that time. At the age of 14, the girl began to have constant visions that literally tormented her – as soon as she went to bed, frames flashed before her eyes, as if on a screen. After that, her health began to fail, the mother took her daughter to the hospital, but the doctors did not find anything, and soon everything went away. As Vera later realized, it was the opening of the third eye, and the diseases began because she did not begin to develop her gift.

In her youth, Vera moved to Kazakhstan. She did not stop seeing the future, and visions about the fate of her loved ones and herself did not leave the girl: for example, she knew the appearance of her sons even before birth. Her life path was not easy – the husband, whom she married in 1984, quickly disappeared from the horizon. She raised and supported two children on her own, worked at different jobs. At the age of 30, her health deteriorated again, doctors diagnosed the woman with asthma. Realizing that something was wrong, Vera turned to a psychic, who was recommended by friends – at that time there were few of them. The psychic said that she is the owner of a great gift, and people have been working for years to achieve what was given to her by higher powers. The soothsayer realized that she could no longer give up her own essence, and she began to realize her talents – she treated people, searched for the missing, guessed. But her main work was extrasensory perception only at the age of 40.

Clairvoyant faith lion and its prediction for the last days. Prophecies about the future of France (4 photos)

The clairvoyant says that she became happy when she fully accepted herself and her gift. She compares her journey up to 40 years with the biblical story: just as Moses led the Jews through the desert, so Vera wandered in darkness and endured many troubles and hardships until she came into the bright light. Since then, she has been a fortuneteller, healer, esotericist. Vera Lyon (she took such a pseudonym) is also talented in other areas. She is a published poet, children’s writer, photographer and philosopher.

Vera Lion, a clairvoyant from Kazakhstan, differs from most predictors in that she does not try to embellish reality and often gives unexpected predictions that later come true. That is why her predictions are so appreciated and many people listen to them.

During this year, Vera Lyon has been collecting and processing signs, on the basis of which she develops her forecasts. The result of this was Vera’s new predictions for 2018, which she shared at the end of September.

The next few years, in her opinion, will be full of natural disasters in different parts of the world. Since the level of melting of the Arctic ice will critically exceed the norm in December and the dynamics will remain stable, storm storms and hurricanes are expected in a number of countries from the beginning of 2018, and in coastal areas there is a high probability of storms with a high score.

Vera Lyon believes that the weather conditions will be as follows:

  • The climate of the European part of Eurasia will change dramatically and become much harsher. The coast of Great Britain in the first half of the year will undergo partial flooding from the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.
  • In the winter months, Germany will suffer from snowstorms and hurricanes of record strength for these places. The destruction and scale of damage to the country and its inhabitants will be so huge that it will take several years to restore the affected areas.
  • Italy in 2018 will become the epicenter of volcanic eruptions, which will lead to the partial destruction of Rome, and for the Vatican, this may be fraught with complete disappearance from the face of the earth. Volcanoes are also active in the US.
  • The Japanese and Philippine islands will be flooded, and during this process many settlements will suffer, and there will be no loss of human life.

Cataclysms will rage for several years, and after they fade, scientists will intensify research and development on the use of alternative energy sources and to improve the environmental picture around the world.

Geopolitics and wars

The situation in the Middle East will noticeably improve. The state of Syria is stabilizing: the restoration of peaceful life will gradually begin, infrastructure will be improved. The end of the war will be facilitated by the leakage of some important government information, which will cause a great resonance and force the whole world to rethink what is happening in Syria.

Clairvoyant faith lion and its prediction for the last days. Prophecies about the future of France (4 photos)

According to the prediction of Vera Lyon, there is a high probability of the outbreak of an armed conflict in Greece, in which civilians will be involved, and many of them will die.

Terrorist attacks will become more frequent in Europe and the USA. Their epicenter in 2018 will be the UK, which will suffer not only from terrorist attacks, but also from riots of the indigenous population.

Due to the deterioration of the climate and the quality of life from Europe, a massive outflow of migrants will begin, while the rest will be engaged in looting houses left by the owners due to floods and earthquakes.

Changes in the global economy

According to Vera Lyon, the economic situation will still remain unstable. The dollar will be the most stable currency, which will affect the economies of all countries. Those states that are now considered quite prosperous may feel big negative changes: an increase in unemployment and a deterioration in the social security of the population.

Epidemiological situation

Next year, Vera Lyon predicts a massive infectious pandemic that will spread to most countries. The biggest losses in this regard will be suffered by Western and European states.

Clairvoyant faith lion and its prediction for the last days. Prophecies about the future of France (4 photos)

In addition, the clairvoyant warns that deadly animal attacks on the people of Africa and Europe are foreseen. It was not possible for Vera Lyon to determine what kind of animal killers they would be. In her opinion, most of these cases will occur in Germany and the UK. In these same countries, suicide rates will rise sharply, which will become their national problem.

Culture and religion

Judging by the latest predictions of Vera Lyon for 2018, there will be a trend towards an increase in the humanity of many peoples, an increase in spirituality and a decrease in aggression. This will be facilitated by a decrease in the influence of the media and a passion for art.

The Catholic faith will begin to lose ground, the majority of believers will switch to Orthodoxy. Only in the USA the situation in religion will turn into a drama, as representatives of numerous sects will begin mass ritual suicides.

Vera Lyon believes that in 2018 there is a high probability of contact with alien civilizations: their representatives will visit the Earth or show their presence in the Universe in other ways.

Clairvoyant faith lion and its prediction for the last days. Prophecies about the future of France (4 photos)

Prophecies for Ukraine

2018 will not bring prosperity to Ukraine. The war in the eastern regions will not stop, although there will be a gradual increase in industry and agricultural enterprises. The situation in the western regions will escalate due to conflicts with the Polish side, as a result of which, in the second half of the year, some eastern regions may secede from the country and join Poland.

Western countries will stop tranches and other financial injections into the state budget of the country, which will accelerate the devaluation of the hryvnia.

Predictions for the Russian Federation

Vera Lyon saw clear signs of prosperity in Russia in 2018. The ruble will steadily strengthen its position, which will lead to a rapid improvement in the economy. The list of social payments and guarantees will expand, and positive changes are also expected in the macro- and microeconomics.

In accordance with the forecasts, Russia’s position in all areas will improve significantly in 2018, it will become attractive for many migrants seeking to enter the country for temporary work or to obtain citizenship. This will tighten the migration policy of the state.

The President’s marital status will change: Putin will acquire a blonde companion, with whom, most likely, he will legalize relations.

In general, they say that it will become eventful and rather difficult. But for Russia as a whole, he promises positive changes.

Vera Lyon, a clairvoyant from Kazakhstan, gained popularity when her predictions began to come true. The latest prophecies of a psychic from Kazakhstan relate to the elections in 2017 in Russia and world events.

Vera Lyon says that in 2017 a referendum on the new rule of Vladimir Putin may be held in our country. She voiced such a forecast before, but after the elections in the United States, according to the clairvoyant, Putin himself will want to stay for a new presidential term.

“Trump and Putin will do a lot for the world.”

Back in 2015, Vera Lyon made a prediction about the new president of Russia, then she wrote that it would be a person from Vladimir Putin’s inner circle or himself. In 2013, the psychic predicted that Putin would be president three more times. The clairvoyant saw that elections or a referendum in Russia will be held in 2017, and not in 2018.

Regarding the fate of the whole world in 2017, Vera Lyon makes disappointing predictions. She sees an increase in environmental problems that will lead to changes in people’s lives. The melting of glaciers at the poles of the Earth will affect human health. Together with the ice, diseases and viruses unknown to people will thaw. 2017 will be a year of floods and epidemics.

The world will undergo political and economic changes. For the EU, the fortuneteller predicts the loss of some partners. Russia will move closer to Israel, which will benefit the world. Perhaps the emergence of a new coalition of countries with the participation of Russia.

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