Predictions of St. Paisius the Holy Mountaineer for 2020 (2 photos)

In the modern and chaos-filled world, people are interested in various kinds of predictions. This is quite natural, because humanity wants to know what to expect.

Most often, at first people do not understand the predictions, but then, after a lot of time, when events happen that were once talked about, people remember these prophets, and we all feel uncomfortable.

It gets even worse when the predictions of several people living at different times or even in different eras coincide.

Prophecies have become a familiar phenomenon for people, because too often we hear another prediction. It’s just that there are more and more people who want to be talked about, and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is to predict the future.

But today the article will be devoted to a real soothsayer, whose prophecies surprise and frighten at the same time. It’s about Paisia ​​Svyatogorets.

The life of a monk

Paisius Svyatogorets is famous for his visionary gift, he is an important religious figure, who is also one of the most revered saints.

The monk was born in 1924 in Cappadocia. His family was forced to relocate due to the population exchange between Turkey and Greece. The fate of the monk during baptism was predicted to him by Arseniy of Cappadocia.

After graduation, Paisiy Svyatogorets went to work as a carpenter, and after that he also served in the army as a radio operator. After some time, Paisios made a journey to Athos and remained there as a novice.

The monk’s track record includes many good deeds that helped promote his faith: he helped monasteries, established a mission in Zaire, and worked as an ascetic in the Sinai Peninsula.

Paisios Svyatogorets was canonized in 2015 as a saint.

What predictions of Paisius the Holy Mountaineer turned out to be true?

Among the predictions of this religious figure and prophet, there are a lot of things that have come true. One of them was made under Brezhnev. Then Paisius predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Another monk predicted the Chernobyl tragedy, calling it a warning from God.

So what will happen to the world in 2020?

In the last years of his life, the predictor spoke of a clash that would happen in 25 years, where China and Russia would stand together against countries from the NATO alliance.

In addition, the monk predicted that Turkey would cease to exist and Byzantium would reappear in its place. Its capital will again be Constantinople, which, in its turn, will become the center of Christendom as before. According to him, Constantinople will rally the whole of Europe around itself.

Paisius’ prediction states that the conflict will start in the Mediterranean over Turkey. After her actions, Greece will suffer greatly, and Russia, whose armed forces are located there, will step on the Greek side, which will lead to the defeat of Turkey. Its territory will again go to Greece, which will contribute to the revival of Constantinople.

Predictions of St. Paisius the Holy Mountaineer for 2020 (2 photos)

What did Paisiy Svyatogorets say about Russia

The main prophecy of the monk directly concerns Russia. But we hope that this prophecy, like many others that predict major conflicts, will remain just words that will never come true. Indeed, in the modern world, countries are trying to resolve all conflicts peacefully.

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