Vlad Ross’ latest predictions for 2019

Many people desperately believe in prediction. An astrologer is an interesting and rewarding profession in the 21st century. Vlad Ross is a Ukrainian astrologer, a student of the famous Globa. Many predictions of the Ukrainian astrologer have already come true, and there are no reasons not to trust the predictions of Vlad Ross.

What will the coming year bring us?

Vladislav, of course, did not leave 2019 without his detailed forecast. For the Ukrainian people, the astrologer promises changes, because the President of the country, Poroshenko, will be re-elected if he avoids impeachment in mid-2018. Ukrainians are waiting for changes, there will be a complete modernization of the political system. The fight against corruption will bring results. According to his forecasts, the war between Ukraine and Russia will not start, but the situation with Crimea will remain at the same level. On the territory of Donetsk, everything will remain without significant changes. But by the end of 2019, the situation in Donetsk will change dramatically. The war must stop, the standard of living in the occupied territories should improve a little.

According to the astrologer, 2019 will be a turning point for the whole of Ukraine. After all, there will be elections for a new president, with the advent of a new head of the country, the sun will rise over the country. The new president is likely to be a famous showman or a charismatic show business personality. Vlad Ross believes that the presidency may be occupied: Svyatoslav Vakarchuk or Yulia Tymoshenko. At the end of 2019, the financial recovery of the country will begin, which will become a lever for the development of the country at a new level. Within seven years, Ukraine must be completely reborn. There will be no more oligarchs or poor people in the country. All segments of the population will become equal both in rights and in material terms.

Rapprochement with NATO will not happen. Nevertheless, young politicians will come to power who will glorify the country and represent it on the European arena.

The position of the Ukrainian currency

A default is possible, but this is not verified information. Previously, there was an opinion that if there is a figure – 8 in the year, then it indicates an unstable state of the currency. According to astrological forecasts, the hryvnia exchange rate will be unstable. It will either fall or rise. The astrologer advises: people who would like to have any savings can save money in foreign currency. The beginning of the economic revival will begin in 2020, but a serious economic recovery falls on 2020-2021. The following option is possible: the hryvnia will weaken, but closer to 2020 the situation with the currency will change dramatically.

The fate of Kyiv according to the forecasts of Vlad Ross

Kyiv can become the capital, but of a completely different country. Kyiv will become a Slavic center, which will include part of Russia, Poland. But for this, the Russian Federation must collapse. Religion will change along with the population. The main religion of the new country will be Zoroastrianism, which combines fire and emptiness. At the end of 2019 or at the beginning of 2020, a prophet will be born in the country who will become the savior of the country. It is worth noting that no military action is expected on the territory of Ukraine, as the policy of the Russians is weakening.

To believe in the forecast or not is everyone’s business. After all, once Ross prophesied the sudden death of Putin, but the astrological forecast did not come true.

Forecast by Vlad Ross for various countries

The astrologer believes that 2019 will bring impeachment for the head of America. The president will have huge problems, and he will be forced to leave office.

For example, Kazakhstan is promised the development of a revolution that will bring down the country’s government. At the same time, planetary politics will be replaced by conflicts between the top of the government.

In the Russian Federation to stop economic development, the policy will become less effective. The main event is the deterioration of Vladimir Putin’s health. No one can say that all of the above predictions will come true.

Prediction from Vladislav Ross for Russia

The astrologer promises the collapse of the Putin regime. Something terrible will happen on the territory of the Russian Federation. There will be a lunar eclipse near the planet Mars, which will affect the future fate of the country. Vlad Ross believes that all events can lead to the development of a war between Russia and the Middle East. After the end of the football championship, a man-made disaster may develop. Previously, they had a disaster at a hydroelectric power station. Why will there be a disaster? The fact is that at the end of the championship, the sun of Russia will connect with Saturn, this will lead to the development of disasters.

Ross noted that the Russian Federation does not take humanity into account, it is only important for it to carry out political actions based on the value of the state. The beginning of summer in 2019 will be the collapse of Putin’s politics. After all, he became president at the time of a solar eclipse, this greatly influenced the aura of Yeltsin’s successor. Astrologers believe that coming to power during an eclipse becomes an important moment in the life of the whole country. Putin has become an important figure in the life of the Russian Federation. The President, who came at the time of the solar eclipse, leaves exactly at the same period. It is the solar eclipse that will be the end of the Kremlin dictatorship, but only politicians will be threatened.

The situation with the DPR will change, as the militants will stop their aggressive actions. Perhaps with the advent of the new government, the situation with military operations is changing dramatically. 2019 will be a turning point for both Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

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