Vanga’s predictions about Ukraine: Vanga’s secret messages, a prophecy about events in Ukraine and politicians (3 photos)

The Bulgarian soothsayer Vangelia during her life made many prophecies regarding the future of the whole world and in particular the Slavic countries of Russia and Ukraine.

Secret messages of Vanga

Recently, experts were able to decipher the prediction regarding the real events taking place in Ukraine. Experts were stunned by the information received.

The seer’s prophecies are filled with secret and indirect words, it is not always clear what her messages are about. Scientists spend a lot of time trying to unravel the essence of her predictions, many of which have not yet been deciphered. But the number of predictions that came true is so great that practically no one doubts their veracity, attention to them does not weaken, on the contrary, it increases every year.

Prophecy about events in Ukraine

Vanga's predictions about Ukraine: Vanga's secret messages, a prophecy about events in Ukraine and politicians (3 photos)

Once the soothsayer saw the future events of the country adjoining the Black Sea, she did not say the name of the state, but experts are convinced that this prophecy concerns Ukrainian citizens and their lands.

Actions will take place in 2020 and will become key in the history of Ukraine. Vanga’s words were interpreted as the cessation of aggression and military conflict on Ukrainian territory, the onset of an era of peace, prosperity and well-being of the nation.

She also stated that in the 20th year huge changes, unforeseen and turning points will take place, thanks to a person in whose hands is unprecedented power that affects a lot.

Experts who have deciphered the messages of the Bulgarian seer about Ukraine claim that favorable changes will take place in the country as a result of the new commander-in-chief coming to power.

Prediction about Ukrainian politicians

Vanga's predictions about Ukraine: Vanga's secret messages, a prophecy about events in Ukraine and politicians (3 photos)

“There will be a cry, there will be gunpowder, there will be darkness, there will be a rabbit, but everything will dissipate and be blown away by the wind!  The gunpowder will fall, and the green ruler will come to replace it, ” this is the literal translation of the prophecy of Vangelia, concerning the politicians and rulers of Ukraine.

Many experts interpreted her words as a prediction that Poroshenko, Klitschko and Yatsenyuk would come to power, who during their reign would bring the country into a state of collapse, but they would be replaced by a young leader chosen by the people and change everything for the better.

Vanga uttered these words back in 1995, when the current President Vladimir Zelensky was finishing school and was not thinking about a political career.

In the spring of 2019, he became a people’s choice, on whom ordinary people have great hopes and expect firm decisions from him in resolving the military conflict, reconciling fraternal peoples, improving the economic situation and improving the quality of life of the entire population of Ukraine.

Journalist Denis Sorokin commented on this prediction as follows: “In fact, the prophecy is striking in its accuracy. Poroshenko unleashed a senseless fratricidal war, and all hopes for peace are connected with Zelensky.”

The seer made it clear that only after many trials, losses and great pain, the people will understand the meaning and value of life and return to a peaceful existence and lost traditions.

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