World War III and human cloning. What predictions of Grigory Rasputin would be better never come true?

The personality of Grigory Rasputin seems very mysterious and ambiguous. Contemporaries saw in a friend of the family of Emperor Nicholas II a clairvoyant and wise old man. But there were also ill-wishers who considered him a swindler who drugged the ruler.

Mysterious death

Many believe that Rasputin had a strong influence on the imperial family and even interfered in matters of national importance. That is why his death was violent. In 1916, a group of conspirators led by Prince Dmitry Pavlovich and British intelligence decided on an assassination attempt.

But it was not possible to kill the old man the first time. It is said that he was first poisoned with cyanide cake. Then they shot him in the back, and when they came to check, the “dead man” grabbed one of the conspirators and began to choke him. The others started shooting him, which again did not help, and kicking him.

They say that this did not kill him either, because Rasputin managed to get out of the basement where he was lured. Then the killers tied him completely with ropes and threw him into an ice hole on the Neva so that the body was under the ice. Only after this, Rasputin was killed, and even then people believe that they found another corpse, and the elder himself managed to survive and hide.

Rasputin’s predictions come true

execution of the imperial family

Grigory Rasputin said more than once that a terrible fate could await the royal family. He wrote that every time he hugs one of the family members, it seems to him that he is touching the dead. He believed that soon the Romanovs could go into oblivion. And so it happened, because the conspirators shot the entire royal family in one basement.

Revolution of 1917

Rasputin said that Russia was threatened by a coup, after which the emperors would disappear, a new power would rise, and rivers of blood would be shed (“the water in the Neva would turn purple”). The elder wrote that Petersburg would hide in darkness: when the name of the city changes, then the end of the empire will come.

own death

He believed that the nature of his death would greatly affect the fate of the imperial family. So Rasputin said that if he died at the hands of peasant robbers, Nicholas II would rule for a long time, transferring power to his descendants. If death overtakes at the hands of the nobles (which happened), then the reign in Russia will end, and the brothers will rise up against the brothers.

Atom stations

It is believed that Rasputin managed to see the creation and catastrophes at nuclear power plants. He said that the whole world would be covered with towers of death. Some of them will collapse, spilling rotten blood that will soak the earth and sky.

What future events did Grigory Rasputin describe?

The earth will open up and start to rot

Grigory Rasputin said that in the future (did not name dates) the Earth would have to go through several serious global catastrophes. These are frequent earthquakes, when the water will disperse and swallow some countries.

The man will turn into a beast and start killing for a piece of bread. People will cease to distinguish good from evil, and cruelty will be absorbed into their skin. He also wrote extensively about how the water would overflow its banks and swallow up the land, which would become salty. There will be a great famine.

human cloning

Rasputin clearly saw that the people of the future would not have an umbilical cord, because machines would create humanity in a new form. He said that monsters with a mind would be born, but without a soul and moral values.

Human alchemy will also affect animals, changing them beyond recognition. He described giant mutated ants that would sweep over countries and destroy cities. The frogs will fly and the bees will crawl like snakes. Most likely, the elder wrote that cloning and manipulation of animal genes could get out of control.

Third World War

Many soothsayers believed that humanity could not avoid the Third World War. Grigory Rasputin did not bypass this topic. He said that people would have to face an overbearing and ignorant ruler who would try to devour the whole world. The nations will disbelieve in God, and much blood will be shed. Three hungry snakes will crawl across the Earth, leaving behind ashes and ruins.

Most of the people will die, and those that survive will have to purify themselves and create a new world. Rasputin said that the arrival of the bloodthirsty prince was expected from the west, and he would conquer everyone with wealth. But a prince from the east will also arrive, who will enslave people with poverty.

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