Predictions of Vasily Nemchin about Russia

As is known from reliable sources, the writings with the predictions of Vasily Nemchin were found by P. Globa in the 80s of the last century. After which he rewrote this historical document.

But still, many modern researchers are sure that there was no such person and they say that the documents signed by Vasily Nemchin are just for a simply invented pseudonym.

Our contemporary, astrologer P. Globa, is sure that there was such a person, and he gave his forecast for the future every 15 years.

Everything that Vasily Nemchin wrote was presented in poetic form and in the Old Russian language. Approximately the same plan as the predictions of the great Nostradamus.

What did V. Nemchin say in his writings about the future of Russia?

  • Quiet times will soon end, ten kings will have power for 1 hour, each of which will rule for several months.
  • Two years in power will be a new leader, great and resolute. At this time there will be peace in the country
  • The old ruler will die and his wife will rule the country instead, but this will also not last very long.
  • Russia will be reborn and become a world power. The country will be ruled by a person with magical powers. 15 states will be united around Russia and in 2025 the country will become a world power.

All that has already come true from the predictions of V. Nemchin

  • War in 1915
  • End of World War II 1945
  • Human flight into space.
  • In Russia, the direction of development will change, in 1985 Gorbachev came to power.
  • After him, the head was “Titan Boris”. Nemchin said that he would leave many unresolved problems after his departure from office.
  • Further, a person with a secret early face will be instilled. This is an employee of the special services Putin.

And this is not all the prophecies that were described by Vasily Nemchin. You see, there is no reason to doubt them and not trust his words. Otherwise, you will have to bite your elbows later. But it is up to each person to believe or not to believe.

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