Some of the prophecies of the seer Vanga are already beginning to come true …

Some of the prophecies of seer Vanga are already starting to come true Some of the prophecies of seer Vanga are already starting to come true

Global warming and outbreaks of terrible ailments were predicted by the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga before she passed away. Many of her prophecies are already coming true.

The healer warned humanity about the warming of the climate and, in fact, recently there has been a trend when summers become abnormally hot, and winters are not like the previous ones. Vanga foresaw outbreaks of terrible ailments, perhaps she meant the coronavirus.

In addition, the soothsayer warned of the possible flooding of some countries, spiritual hunger and the birth of a miracle child. However, she also predicted something good, namely the invention of a cure for cancer, which will be associated with iron.

Under the spiritual crisis, she assumed that people would forget about humanity, but an unusual child would come to Earth who would save the world, like Jesus Christ. At the same time, Vanga suggested that powerful solar flares could cause various natural disasters, such as tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, and so on.

The seer always treated the Russian people with special trepidation, therefore, in the last minutes of her life, she made a separate prediction for Russia. She said that the Russian Federation will acquire the strongest partner, probably China.

In addition, other large states can join Russia. Vanga is convinced that the power of the Russian Federation will spread throughout the world, and President Vladimir Putin will make the power great, invincible and prosperous.

The soothsayer also mentioned the Third World War, but the interpreters could not accurately determine the date. It is known that a global armed conflict, according to her predictions, may occur in the 21st century.

For world politics in general, Vanga gave a not very optimistic forecast, saying that foreign countries will not be able to recover from the economic crisis and many other misfortunes. She also saw the disappearance of the dollar and the euro from circulation.

For the summer of 2021, Vanga predicted a terrible natural disaster. She said that global floods will come to the world, because of which people will face new diseases ….

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