Predictions for Russia for 2020 from Julia Wang

Today there is probably no person who would not want to know their future. And there are those who are not indifferent to the fate of our country. It is for this reason that most of these people visit clairvoyants and psychics. These people, possessing superpowers, help people find out what awaits them in the future. In this article, I want to introduce you to the forecast of Julia Wang, which she gave for Russia.

Predictions for Russia for 2020

  • since the year is a leap year, many countries, including ours, will face certain difficulties.
  • this year will bring noticeable changes in the country.
  • the people and the authorities will unite, thanks to this the country will embark on a new path of development.
  • starting this year, our country will begin to win the trust of European countries, thanks to this, mutually beneficial cooperation will be offered to Russia.
  • The EU will stop putting pressure on the Russian Federation.
  • not a single foreign conflict will pass by our country.
  • Russia will act as a magistrate in settling relations between America and Asia.
  • the economy in the country will begin to improve, respectively, the life of citizens will improve.
  • farming and agriculture will be greatly developed this year.
  • all imported goods will gradually disappear from the shelves of our stores, and they will be replaced by goods of our production.
  • household income will increase this year.
  • the poor and the rich are not going anywhere. The former will increase their capital this year, while the latter will sink to the bottom.
  • from this year, the backgammon worldview will begin to change, spiritual development will come first.

These are the forecasts for 2020 made by Julia Wang, a popular clairvoyant in Russia. And we can only wait and see what will come true and what will not. And don’t forget these are just predictions, not statements.

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