Saint Matrona’s prophecies about the future of Russia: many people will die in the fight against the disease, but we will win anyway!

The current situation in our country is perhaps dramatic. But will there be a way out? The righteous will tell us about it. Saint Matrona predicted everything: what will happen to our country next? Let’s tell now… Saint Matrona is a great righteous woman before God. Although she was blind all her life, the Lord gave her spiritual sight. Many of her predictions came true – and that Stalin would open churches, and that we would win the Great Patriotic War! And so it happened! Not to mention the prophecies about the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II. But many prophecies are yet to be fulfilled!

“Pray, ask, repent! The Lord will not leave you and will keep our land!”

Such a testament to the people of St. Matrona gave even before the wars in which God saved us, did not allow us to be enslaved! Many associate this advice not only with military episodes, but also with current times. Especially with the current ones. Indeed, what else remains for us but to hope in the Lord and trust in him, to ask us to pray and repent…

“Evil will grow like thistles and tear up cities, shake continents…in the new age”

these words are prescribed either by Matronushka or Vanga. The source is still unknown. But what do we see now?! This is true! Cities and continents are infected with the infection… What to do? Trust in the Lord and not make mistakes ourselves, following all the recommendations that the authorities have established for us and approved by the church!

“Pray, ask, repent! The Lord will not leave you and will keep our land!”

Matronushka says. This is truly the best way! Because Jesus loves us! And he will not allow it to be like it used to be during the time of the global flood! God will not find trouble and grief on a particular person and his family. The main thing, as the righteous woman said, is to pray to Him and ask for intercession – and it will surely follow sooner or later!

“The people will fall, but they will stand. And over Russia the light of God will light up.

This prediction is not well known. What is the “Light of God” so now to the end and is not clear. Perhaps – and most likely the way it is – this is the future glory of Russia, the prosperity of our fellow citizens! Matronushka bequeathed this prediction in words, as always, to her spiritual children, adding the following:

Pray, ask, repent! The Lord will not leave you and will keep our land!

And this seems to every Orthodox person the most important and paramount! In other words: according to your faith, be it to you! That’s what God Jesus Christ said! Whoever prays and confesses to him, even in home prayer at the present time (for now it is difficult to visit the temple of God), God does not leave a person: let’s pray together and we will defeat any epidemic!

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