Stories of guests from the future

You have probably already heard about time travel, both serious scientists (say, physicists) and venerable science fiction writers talk about them! Roughly speaking, this term refers to the movement of a person or other object from the present to the past or future. Often, such trips are supposed to be carried out with the help of a technical device – a “time machine”.

How fruitful are these conversations? Is it possible to really look into the past or the distant future? How? Let’s reason together. In this case, we will analyze the question: how do we get into the past?

Hypothetically possible ways to get into the past can be counted on the fingers, namely:

1. The general theory of relativity admits the possibility of the existence of “wormholes” (English worm-hole – wormhole). They are like tunnels (perhaps very short ones) connecting distant regions in space. Developing the theory of wormholes, K. Thorne and M. Morris noticed that if one end (A) of a short hole is moved at high speed, and then brought closer to the other end (B), then – due to the twin paradox – an object that has fallen at time T at the entrance to A, can leave B at the moment before T (however, in this way it is impossible to get to the time before the creation of the time machine). It follows from Einstein’s equations that the wormhole will close before the traveler can pass through it (as, for example, in the case of the “Einstein-Rosen bridge” – the first described wormhole), if it is not kept from this by the so-called “exotic matter” – matter with a negative energy density. The existence of exotic matter has been confirmed both theoretically and experimentally (the so-called “Casimir effect”).

2. In 1936, Van Stockum discovered that a body rotating around a massive and infinitely long cylinder will fall into the past (later F. Tipler suggested that this is also possible in the case of a cylinder of finite length). Such a cylinder could be a so-called cosmic string, but there is no reliable evidence that cosmic strings exist, and there is hardly a way to create new ones.

3. You can, finally, do nothing at all, but simply wait until the time machine forms by itself. There is no reason to expect that this will happen, but it is important that if it does form, then this will not come into conflict with any known laws of nature. The simplest model for such a situation is the Deutsch-Politzer time machine.

From all of the above, it follows that if such a time machine is invented in the future, then the inhabitants of this very future can fall into any time in the past (not confused?)! In other words, we can detect traces of guests from the future in the past, or directly observe and meet them ourselves! The hypothesis has already been expressed more than once that the “unidentified flying objects” that ufologists are chasing so much are just those technical devices for intertemporal travel – “time machines”. Quite possibly, given the elusive nature of such machines! There are also some striking examples of the discovery of traces of guests from the future in the past.

Partizan with a cell phone

In Moscow, at the Kievskaya-Koltsevaya metro station, one of the mosaic panels with the title “Struggle for Soviet Power in Ukraine” depicts a partisan in whose hands many saw a real mobile phone. More meticulous citizens explain that this is not a mobile phone at all, but a handset of a portable radio station, which is in front of the fighter. Experts even determined the model of the depicted device – a UNA-I or UNA-F field telephone. However, this does not explain the presence of this model on the panel, since the first such phones appeared only in the second half of the 1920s.

The “box” lying in front of the partisan also looks very strange! Many “saw” on the mosaic … also a laptop!

Mobile phone in 1928

A real sensation was the statement of moviegoers (which swept the world media in the second half of 2010) who saw a woman with a mobile phone in her hands in the documentary chronicle of 1928, which was included as a bonus to the collector’s edition of Charlie Chaplin’s film “The Circus”.

These shots were taken at the premiere of “Circus” outside the famous Mann Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. There is no misprint – it was in 1928! In one of the episodes, a strange lady enters the frame, walking down the street, holding some kind of device near her ear, and upon closer examination, it becomes clear that she is not just pressing something to her head, but is gesticulating animatedly, talking and smiling – that is, leading behave like a person talking on a cell phone.

For those who do not know, we remind you that Motorola released the first device similar to a mobile phone – Walkie-Talkie – in 1940 and it had a very impressive size, and the first mobile phones (in the modern sense) appeared only in the 1980s. Even if we assume that this is the first portable radio transmitter, it is still separated from the newsreel for 12 years, the newspaper notes.

Documentary filmmaker George Clark, who discovered the strange footage, says he studied it for a year. He showed an excerpt to more than a hundred of his acquaintances, but no one could come up with a convincing explanation for what they saw. Some viewers have suggested that the woman is listening to a portable radio, although this does not explain why she herself is speaking.

“My theory is simple – the time traveler is talking on a cell phone. If you have other versions, then share with them, ”says Clark.

Some have speculated that the lady in the picture is showing signs of schizophrenia by covering her face in an attempt to hide the fact that she is talking to herself out loud. A trivial explanation was also proposed – a random passer-by is simply trying to hide her face from the camera. And skeptics believe that the newsreel fragment is simply a fake created by Clark himself.

Photo of a modern wig in the middle of the twentieth century

The original image, which has become almost the most replicated in the world, is posted on the website of the Braiorne Pioneer Museum in the Canadian province of British Columbia, as an exhibit of the virtual exhibition Their Past Lives Here (“Their past lives here”). What is shown in the photo? The event, presumably in 1941, was the opening of the provincial bridge (South Fork Bridge), which was built to replace the one washed away by the flood. A young man stands among the others. Actually, he attracted the attention of the Internet community. With its unusual look. It, the community, not all, of course, but the majority, decided that this guy is clearly not from the time in which those around him are. And from the future. And his haircut, a T-shirt with a printed emblem, a fashionable sweater, a portable camera and 21st century sunglasses give him away. Like,

The photo was reviewed by experts. Subjected to computer analysis, which, by comparing the background and a suspicious object, allows you to determine whether Photoshop was used. No traces of imprinting were found.

Incredulous skeptics began to look at the young man through a magnifying glass, trying to still find signs of compliance with 1940. Camera? The Kodak company, for example, already produced quite portable models at that time – folding ones, in which the lens extended like an accordion. It seems that in the hands of the “traveler” something similar. But what exactly is not clear.

The sweater could be knitted by mom or grandmother. At that time, many knitted. It is again difficult to assess the cut – how modern it really is. The whole silhouette is not visible.

Sunglasses… Of course, men almost never wore them 70 years ago. And if they did, they didn’t. Look at the rest of the crowd – not a single person in dark glasses anymore.

Bottom line: of those who saw the mysterious picture and responded to the forums, approximately 60 percent believe that the guy is from the future. About 20 percent see nothing supernatural in him. Although they admit that the suspect looks like an eccentric. The rest don’t know what to think.

I am from 2256 (Stories from the Internet)

In December 2002, FBI agents arrested a 44-year-old man in New York on suspicion of fraud. Like, playing on the stock exchange, he used insider information. That is, having entered into a criminal conspiracy with the managers of companies trading in shares, he received commercial information from them. Thanks to which he had a major financial success.

With a “seed capital” of only $800, the suspect earned as much as $350 million in two weeks. Made 126 transactions – very risky, but turned out to be incredibly profitable in the end. This aroused the suspicion of the US Securities Commission (SEC).

The arrested man identified himself as Andrew Carlssin. He denied allegations of criminal conspiracy. And he said that he worked alone. And he received information from … the future. From where, in fact, he came to us in a time machine. Started from 2256.

This is the short story of the “millionaire from the future”, which first appeared in mid-March 2003. The tabloid Weekly World News (WWN) wrote about him. And even quoted the words of one of the researchers. He said that, of course, he did not believe the fables about the time machine. But his attempts to find references to a man named Andrew Karlsin were unsuccessful. Like, there is no information that it existed before December 2002 …

The story then made its way to the Yahoo news portal. And I went for a walk through thousands of sites and blogs without mentioning the original source. Numerous forums are full of responses. Including from Wall Street brokers. Their essence boiled down to the fact that, even with insider information, it is unrealistic to earn so much. So Karlsin is not lying that he came from the future.

Most likely, the WWN just made up the whole story. Actually, the publication is famous for such jokes. But those who believed in the reality of Andrew Karlsin did not know about it. And considered the primary source of news sites.

The story, by the way, continues. But WWN has nothing to do with it. Someone else says that a bail of a million dollars was paid for the arrested person. He got out of prison and, of course, disappeared. And now, you won’t believe it, he is hiding in Canada – in the very province in which the “guy from the future” was in the photo.

And here’s what’s even more strange: there is no trace of Andrew Karlsin on the Weekly World News website. He is not on Yahoo News. All details remained only in copies. And this gives rise to a terrible suspicion: what if the tabloid did not lie? It happened to him…

And I am from 2036 (Stories from the Internet)

The name of John Titor has been known since November 2, 2000. Then he first appeared on the Time Travel Institute – a forum of enthusiasts and theorists of time travel. Logged in under the nickname TimeTrave!_0. And wrote until March 2001. Then he disappeared.

John said that in 2000 he was passing through. Stopped to see relatives on the way “home” – in 2036.

John Titor sometimes accompanied Internet access with pictures, called himself an American soldier participating in a military project to move in time. He said that he was sent in 1975 for the IBM 5100 computer. They say that he was needed in the future to decipher computer codes, since he supported the APL and BASIC programming languages.

The “American soldier” poured physical terms related to time travel in posts, answered questions. And he reported on what significant happened in the future he had already lived.

He “remembered” that in 2004 the US civil war broke out. And ended with a world nuclear war. In 2015, Russia launched the attack and defeated everyone, including the European Union and China. Then peace came. And instead of the United States, AFI appeared – the American Federal Empire.

It seems that John went astray one hundred percent. But those who believed in his “alien” origin justified even such a mess. Like, there can be many timelines. In the one connected with John, events unfolded exactly as he told. We just went in a different direction.

And the traveler’s information about the IBM 5100 turned out to be accurate. Experts say that the details about this machine, which Titor reported in 2000, became known only in 2007. This strengthens the position of the “soldier”. And it ruins the fact that he recklessly told that in 2036 cameras are not digital, but film.

Nevertheless, thousands of Internet users believed Titor when they corresponded with him. Many still believe. And what? In fact, there are a lot of people who want time travel to become a reality.

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