How Russia will be saved and save the world: the prophecy of Patriarch Joseph (7 photos)

In a previous publication, I have already spoken about two parallel biblical prophecies – from Elisha and Joseph – about the coming seven years of famine. This prophecy points to our times, to the events that will come soon after the “lifting of the siege” – that is, isolation. But do not rush to write me down in clicks. I want to show you not just what will be – but what may be – or not be. What can and should we do.

As I have repeatedly said and repeated, biblical prophecies provide general outlines that guide stories, within which various options are possible, depending on the mind and on the responsiveness of people. And these options are also presented, spelled out in the Bible – so that people can then look and choose – which option do they need? Which way to go? So let’s also see: which of the prophetic options will we choose for the next 7 years of famine? They are both possible, and they are very different. And the third is hardly given.

How Russia will be saved and save the world: the prophecy of Patriarch Joseph (7 photos)

Scenario: “thin cows”

One that we looked at in a previous, yesterday’s article is a state of emergency option. When people did not repent after the lifting of the siege and rushed into the old life, and even worse, Elisha bitterly announced to his friends that seven years of famine were coming. And he took every measure with the people to prepare and survive.

Because neither the people nor the king came to repentance. You will remember – after all, Elisha told the king that the siege would be lifted unexpectedly, that bread would already become cheaper by morning. And he didn’t believe it. Even when the prophecy was fulfilled, he wanted to spit. He has his own interests. And he still wants to take his head off Elisha. And Elisha walks and wanders, and says to his friends: hold on, somehow we will break through, with God!

How Russia will be saved and save the world: the prophecy of Patriarch Joseph (7 photos)

All over the world, bees are dying en masse – just dying, for unknown reasons – bees.

Scenario: Fat Cows

Joseph’s strategy was simple: turn Egypt into the breadbasket of the world during the coming famine. We will not have the seven years of grace that preceded the seven years of famine in history. We had a lot of fat years behind us. But there is another way out: if we understand what kind of crisis the world will inevitably face – a food crisis – we will not only save our own people, but we will save many peoples. Which, in fulfillment of the prophecy, will come and worship Ephraim – Russia.

When will they do it? When will those countries that swear against Russia, which are ready to sell Russia into slavery, starve it with sanctions – when will they come to Russia with a bow? I’ll tell you – when – yes, you probably guessed it yourself: when you want to eat. So it was in the story of Patriarch Joseph – the very first story-model of salvation. So it will be in our day, to which this model points.

How Russia will be saved and save the world: the prophecy of Patriarch Joseph (7 photos)
An unprecedented invasion of locusts this year in Africa has deprived the most fertile part of the Black Continent

Of course, the strategy of our victory is not limited to the cultivation of food. I hope to continue in future publications to talk about how Joseph during the crisis transformed Egypt and the whole world. Here I just wanted to emphasize one main idea: Russia too early wrote off itself from the role of the granary of the world. It will no longer be the role of an appendage, a colony – but the role of a messianic shit – to feed the hungry. The temptation of mankind began with food, Satan began to tempt Jesus Christ in the desert with food – and the wandering of man will end with food.

How Russia will be saved and save the world: the prophecy of Patriarch Joseph (7 photos)

Bees are dying all over the world. Genetically modified foods kill the resources of the earth and undermine the health of people. But they will also be in short supply. Climatic cataclysms are simply dumbfounded by the scale and consequences. Locust infestations have increased tens of thousands of times over the past five years – locusts have eaten the entire crop of North and West Africa this year. Droughts, floods, fires, hurricanes, chemical fallout, pollution, insect deaths, and other factors all make famine inevitable. And only Russia can – if it understands very, very seriously – feed the world in the coming crisis. But for this, a lot, a lot needs to be changed just urgently, this year already.

How Russia will be saved and save the world: the prophecy of Patriarch Joseph (7 photos)
In recent years, the number and strength of tornadoes have increased dramatically.

Whether they change something at the top or not, we don’t know, but let’s hope and pray. In turn, let us not rely on any Duma-rethinking there. And you don’t have to buy up and stock up on food – don’t buy up and stock up everything. Products must be grown by ourselves. Here is the simplest and most practical conclusion we can draw. Do not be afraid to “humiliate” yourself with peasant labor. And the Lord will lift you up. Because He raises up everything that is humble, and throws down everything that exalts itself.

I want to give you the words of my beloved elder, peasant, martyr Gregory, from his book “The Life of an Experienced Wanderer,” which I recently staged. You can watch my simple videos. And here is what Grigory Efimovich said about Russia and peasant labor. He shows how each of us can become a servant of God by doing simple peasant labor:

My film “The Life of an Experienced Wanderer”. First episode.

“In the world, whoever does with the fear and blessing of God is also an even greater participant, because the Autocrat Tsar Himself lives as a peasant, feeds on his hands of the working people, and all the birds use the peasant, even the mouse feeds on him. Every breath praises the Lord and prayer is all for the peasant – if only he would not use foul language! Great, great is the peasant in front of the Lord: he does not understand any balls, he rarely goes to the theater, he only remembers: The Lord Himself carried and ordered us to give – God’s worker!

How Russia will be saved and save the world: the prophecy of Patriarch Joseph (7 photos)
Nikolai Petrovich Bogdanov-Belsky: Peasant

Instead of organs, he has a scythe in his hands; instead of amusements – plow at the heart; instead of magnificent clothes, some kind of hard label; instead of a troika, a dashing, no matter how tired horse. He rides and remembers from the heart to the Lord: “carry me from this valley to your refuge or to the city.” Here is Christ on it! and himself on foot with tears. He is here with Christ, and there has long been paradise on him, that is, he has prepared the granary of God .

I am not calling for all of us to get on horseback and go to the countryside. But I will say for those who have ears to hear: having prepared for their granaries, Russia will prepare for the granary of God! If Russia and the Russians understand what time we are living in — and this can be understood only by turning to God and the Word of God — then the Lord will turn seven years of famine into seven years of abundance for us.

And how to do this concretely – we will again see from the same prophecy, from the story of Patriarch Joseph. I’ll try to do it in the next post.

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