9 prophecies of Vasily Nemchin concerning the future of Russia and the world

Vasily Nemchin is a truly mysterious figure of the Middle Ages. Many of his prophecies and predictions have already come true. According to scientists and experts, all Nemchin’s prophecies are amazingly accurate. Sometimes he is compared with Nostradamus, because all his predictions were also figurative.

Below will be presented the most mysterious prophecies of Vasily Nemchin, which have survived to this day.

1. Stones will fall on the Earth, and one desert that defiles the sky will suffer more than the rest

Most likely, this prediction implied meteorite activity. Indeed, in recent years, meteorites have increasingly become the objects of attention of scientists. It is possible that soon another one will fall to Earth, and the Arabian Desert will become the place.

2. By 2024, the small End of the World will begin

Recently, the climatic conditions on the planet have changed radically and continue to change. Different parts of the planet are now experiencing new weather phenomena. Most likely, by the specified date the situation will only worsen and become more acute.

3. There will be some aggravation in the “Prometneev mountains”

At one time, this was the name of the Caucasus. Recently, there have been many conflicts here, which ended only after 15 years after their occurrence.

4. Carthage will be destroyed, but then rise from the ashes

Apparently, this prediction referred to the states of the East. Indeed, lately a series of various conflicts could be observed here.

5. Gonchar will rule, who will return prosperity to Russia

Here, most likely, we are talking not about the surname, but the occupation. It is still difficult to say who will come to power in Russia in the future – here it remains only to wait.

6. The Far East will become a separate country

Most likely, this prophecy concerns relations between Russia and Japan.

7. Three branches will converge and form a new tree

You might think that here we are talking about the reunification of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. However, most likely, we are talking about the merger of the three world confessions. All religions will unite into one, and this process will be started by a person who will be the messenger of God himself.

8. Kamchatka will become independent, and the “golden tyrant” will rule it

It is unlikely that this prophecy has a direct meaning, and Kamchatka will become a separate state. This is simply impossible for a number of objective reasons. Most likely, here we are talking about just a very skilled local manager.

9. England will be swallowed up by water, and Crimea will become an island

Despite the fact that the threat of flooding England exists, this is unlikely to happen. Perhaps it will be partially flooded due to global warming, but it will not be at all soon. The Crimean peninsula can become an island only if the tectonic plates shift.

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