What did Schema-nun Nila predict to Russia?

Schema nun Nila became famous for her gift to heal ailments and see the future. She predicted the war in Chechnya, foresaw the day of her death. Many of Nila’s prophecies were frightening, but the old woman always advised people not to lose faith – those who do not renounce Orthodoxy will be able to survive even the darkest times.

The future schema nun was born in 1902. The girl was very weak – her parents did not believe that she would survive, and therefore on the very first day they baptized her and gave the name Evdokia. But it turned out that a huge power was hidden in little Evdokia. She recovered, from childhood she began to sing in the church choir, and at the age of 12 she went to the monastery.

Many troubles fell on the young nun. After the advent of Soviet power, Evdokia was exiled to Solovki. All the prisoners loved her – the girl always cheered them up, helped them get food.

On Solovki, Saint Nil Stolbetsky appeared to Evdokia with a piece of bread in his hands and an icon. There were other miracles – for example, one of the guards tried to set a sheepdog on a nun. The girl warned that the dog would die if the guard did not stop. He did not obey and again began to incite the dog. At the same moment, the shepherd fell dead.

After being released from the camps, Evdokia wandered around the country for some time. In 1960, she took her hair at the Trinity-Sergius Lavra and received the name Nile. Soon there was a rumor among the people about a schema nun who could heal diseases. Believers from all over the country began to come to the Nile. But besides the gift of healing, the nun also had another gift – she was given visions about the future of Russia.

War with China

The old woman warned that the current generation would already find a war with China. All people over the age of 14 will go to the front, many cities will be destroyed. With war comes hunger. It will be hardest for people living in metropolitan areas. Theft will begin, the hungry will break windows and climb into other people’s houses in search of supplies. Human life will no longer be valued, people will walk the streets with weapons and attack from each other.

The nun advised to move away from the cities and engage in agriculture. Whoever has a garden will be saved. But you need not stock up on food, but dry herbs – nettles, linden leaves. If you boil this collection, you can satisfy your hunger.

Other predictors warned about the war with China – Edgar Cayce, Jane Dixon, the elder Vladislav Solnechnogorsky. Russia will lose a lot in this conflict, but it will still remain the winner. Although the schema nun Nila said that the war would happen very soon, God could delay the fulfillment of the prophecies. “The Lord will never leave Russia,” the old woman repeated.

Other prophecies

Schimonakhina was given a vision that the persecution of Christians would begin again. To be saved, believers must flee dangerous regions.

Happen in the world and natural disasters. In place of St. Petersburg there will be a sea, Moscow will partially fall into the ground. Harvests will begin to die, every year there will be less and less bread. But all hardships, according to the old woman, are given to people to strengthen faith and spiritual strength. God will not leave believers, save them from troubles and will not let them die of hunger.

The schema nun urged people not to be afraid of future misfortunes. The old woman did not utter some prophecies – she said, God does not command. The schema nun often repeated that she felt sorry for the people who were now young.

The old woman died in 1999. Officially, she is not canonized by the church, but many come to her grave for help and comfort. The blessed old woman predicted that the time would come when Russia would rise and become a great spiritual country. But when this happens, the schema nun did not reveal.

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