Prophecies of St. Lawrence of Chernigov (4 photos)

Lavrenty Chernigovskiy is an archimandrite of the Russian Orthodox Church, known for his prophecies about the future of the world and Russia. The most famous are prophecies about the end times, which we will dwell on in more detail.

About Lawrence of Chernigov

Archimandrite Lavrentiy was born Luka Proskura. He was born in 1868 in the Chernigov province. Since childhood, he sang in the choir at the local church, eventually becoming a regent. When he grew up, he mastered the profession of a tailor, starting to provide for his family, since his father had passed away long before that.

At the age of 45 he was tonsured a monk. After the Renovationist split, he supported Patriarch Tikhon. When almost all churches were closed in the USSR, he went underground, becoming one of the “non-remembering”.

During the Stalinist repressions, Lavrenty was one of the suspects in the case of participation in the Soviet underground. At that time, almost all the clergy who operated in the Chernihiv region fell into the field of view of the NKVD. However, he was not sent to the camp due to his advanced age.

Until 1942, he conducted underground services at home, establishing a secret temple in the cellar. When the Germans occupied Chernihiv, he gathered communities of monks and opened a temple, which turned into the center of local religious life for many years.

After the war, he again fell into disgrace. In early 1950 he died at the age of 82. In 1993 he was canonized as a saint.


Prophecies of St. Lawrence of Chernigov (4 photos)

According to the testimony of the nun Evlampia, with whom the Monk Lawrence lived, in 1939 he was visited at night by the prophet Elijah and the righteous Enoch. They talked about the future of Russia and the world, the Orthodox Tsar and the Antichrist. After 10 years, the elder was visited by John the Theologian, with whom they talked for a total of about 7 hours. All the prophecies of the saint are based on these meetings.

At first, the prophecies of Lawrence were almost incomprehensible to anyone, but recently their meaning has become more and more obvious. The elder talked a lot about Ukraine, where he spent almost his entire life.

Lawrence urged that the time would come when churches and temples would begin to be restored and rebuilt. However, after the completion of this construction, the time of the atheist will come, since a split will occur in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

About Antichrist

In his prophecies, Lawrence claimed that an atheist would be born from a prodigal Jewess who would give birth to him in the 12th generation of debauchery. From childhood, he will amaze those around him with his talent, but at the age of 12, while walking in the park with his parents, the devil will inhabit him.

He is crowned in the church of Israel. The priest recognizes the Antichrist in him, but immediately after that he will die. The atheist will wear gloves on his hands, and when he takes them off, instead of nails, he will have claws.

false signs

Prophecies of St. Lawrence of Chernigov (4 photos)

According to Lawrence, the Antichrist will rule by deceiving everyone with cunning. Over time, he will begin to present false signs to people. Houses will have “enchanting mechanisms” (apparently, the reverend was talking about televisions) with the sole purpose of seducing people.

Most of them will begin to receive all the information. Over time, the Antichrist will regularly appear in them, marking deceived people with sealing wax. Sincerely believing Orthodox will begin to despise him, for which they will be subjected to various humiliations.


In the prophecies of Lawrence, one can find references to the church schism in Ukraine. He said that pseudo-teachings would occupy an important place in people’s lives, by which the saint obviously meant Catholics, Uniates, self-consecrated ones. All of them will attack Orthodoxy. Atheist officials will help them.

The heretic patriarch in Kyiv will be unworthy of the dignity. Over time, eternal death awaits him, like Judas, all his minions will follow him. As a result, the Orthodox Church will become one, and the Kyiv diocese will submit to the Patriarch of Moscow.

Even during his lifetime, Lavrenty warned of the coming of self-sanctified and Uniates, but no one took him seriously, believing that these teachings had finally disappeared.

The future of Russia

Prophecies of St. Lawrence of Chernigov (4 photos)
Photo: Khrizma.rf

The monk always emphasized that Russian and Rus are homogeneous words that are inseparable from each other. At the same time, he insisted that no one should forget that Kyiv is the mother of Russian cities. Remembering the Baptism, Lavrenty always insisted that under Prince Vladimir, Kievan Rus was baptized, and not Ukraine separately.

In the prophecies of Lawrence there are references to a secret Jewish capital located on the territory of Poland. Powerful Jews were always based in it, urging the Poles to attack Kievan Rus. When certain territories were captured, all the monasteries and temples that were located on them, the Poles gave to the Jews. As a rule, after that, any holding of Orthodox services was banned in them. Jews have always been the main opponents of the words “Russian” and “Rus”, refusing to even pronounce them. It was because of this that the Jews began to call the occupied territories “outskirts”, from where the name came over time.

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