Matronushka’s predictions about the future of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus (3 photos)

The main source of biographical information about Matrona is the memories of her fellow villagers and relatives, collected in the late 80s and early 90s by Z.V. Zhdanova.

More than 20 years before the assassination of Tsar Nicholas II and his family, Matrona showed everyone a plucked chicken feather and said, this is how our tsar will be robbed. In 1899, Matronushka uttered another prophecy that they would rob and destroy churches and persecute everyone.

At the same time, she showed with gestures how her hands would spread in all directions, greedily grab everything that was possible. And then abruptly they will throw all the loot and run in all directions.

With pity in her voice, she announced that they would rip off rural churches, remove icons, and she connected this with the fact that there would be few believers and there would be no one to serve.

In the first years of the revolution, the seer said that the people were, as it were, under hypnosis, that some kind of terrible force was in the air, acting on people. This power used to live in swamps, but now it has come to people in their homes, this is the result of the fact that people do not get baptized, do not go to churches and do not wear a cross. Previously, demons slipped past such houses, but now they climb quietly and can inhabit a person.

Matrona spoke about the Great Patriotic War long before it began. She said that many people would die, but the Soviet Union would win.

Stalin came to the blessed Matronushka during the war, when the question of the need for his evacuation from Moscow was being decided. The saint encouraged him and told him that he did not need to run away from Moscow. She encouraged Stalin, saying that the USSR would win the war. After that, at the direction of Stalin, a plane with a holy icon flew around Moscow several times.

Matronushka's predictions about the future of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus (3 photos)

After the war, Matrona assured the people who came to her that there would be no more war, that soon there would be a good life.

What did the saint say about further Russian history? She said that Stalin would be removed first, and after him there would be rulers in Russia, one worse than the other. Russia will be torn apart. The Communists will go abroad, but there they will be met sadly and they will return to their homeland.

Matrona said that the great Michael would come to power, he would want to turn everything around, but he would not change anything. On the contrary, unrest among the people and massacre will begin.

Matrona said that memorial services would be served for the murdered Tsar and his family.

The saint also promised that the church would be reborn, but she warned that before going to the priest, one should ask the Lord God so that the Lord would be able to give the priest the right advice.

If the Russian people will believe the liars, then Russia may disappear as a state. Russian people will not have their own land, their territories will belong to other countries. The rulers of Russia will take everything in their pockets. This option, although negative, is more suitable, unfortunately, for today.

About Ukraine and Belarus

The soothsayer spoke about Ukraine in such a way that the enemies would exchange the freedom of the inhabitants for wealth without a war. According to Matrona, people will flee Ukraine from fear, war and hunger. Ukrainians will leave their homes in the hope of a better life, but no one will be waiting for them in other lands.

Settlements that are empty will be sold to foreigners for a penny. The territory of the once prosperous Ukraine will belong to other states.

The matron of Belarus predicted to be afraid of foreigners, especially from the West, who are being introduced into the life of the country. An attempt at a revolution in the country is possible, but the authorities will suppress the rebellion quite cruelly. After Belarus will not participate in wars, and stability and order will reign in the country.

About the end of the world

About the end of the world, the old woman said that she was very sorry for those people who would live to the last times. The time will come when they will put a cross and bread before people and demand a choice. We must choose the cross. The matron said that everyone would die without a war. The number of victims will skyrocket. And she also said that in the evening everyone would be on the ground, and in the morning everything would rise and go into the ground. Most likely, Matrona meant that the war would not be fought in its main form, but in a veiled one (information, food, and so on)

Matronushka's predictions about the future of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus (3 photos)

The most recent prediction of Matronushka was the prediction of her death. She said that at first only relatives and friends would look after her grave. But then people will remember her and reach out to her grave with requests, and she will help.

The folk trail to Matronushka’s grave will never be overgrown. Even after her death, the old woman helps everyone who comes with a pure heart and faith and asks her for help.

Matronushka was buried at the Danilovsky cemetery in Moscow. Cemetery opening hours: from May to September from 9.00 to 19.00.

Danilovsky cemetery address: 4th Roshinsky passage, vl. 30, Moscow, 115191. The address is given for those who want to visit Matronushka.

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