The prophecy of the Dalai Lama about the important role of Russia in the future

The Dalai Lama declared to the whole world that Russia is a great state, which is a connecting link between the West and the East. She has great vitality, a lot of natural wealth and new ideas. Russians are a strong nation, they will be able to turn the world for the better and show everyone the right path. This announcement was made at the Synergy Global Forum.

The spiritual leader believes that it is Russian science and Buddhism that can develop, intertwined together. Meanwhile, after communicating with Western scientists, he did not have so much optimism about the prospects for their joint development.

There are a lot of problems and violence in the modern world. All this leads not only to enmity and wars, but also to natural disasters and disasters.

According to the Dalai Lama, only Russia can become the main nation in the world capable of changing the situation for the better. He noted that it is necessary to promote prudence and increase spirituality with new scientific achievements. All this will help not today’s generation, but those who will replace it in 20-30 years. In this case, the younger generation will grow up on the lessons of peace of mind and a sober mind. He will not know hatred and malice.

Separately, the spiritual leader said that all religions that exist on the planet are different. Some believe in God, others in Buddha or Allah. There are people who hold the opinion that there is no creator and deny the existence of the soul. But one thing should unite them all – this is patience, love, spirituality and, most importantly, sincere forgiveness of others.

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