Predictions for 2019 for Russia – what awaits the country (10 photos)

Prediction is the announcement of certain events of a private or global scale that will occur in the future. Today we are interested in predictions for 2019 for Russia. Predictions for our country at one time were made by prophets, saints, astrologers, psychics, clairvoyants, all kinds of mediums, soothsayers and fortune-tellers.

Foretellers of different eras

The most read book is the Bible, written more than two thousand years ago, contains the predictions of the prophets and apostles. The world is changing with great speed, alas, not for the better. Wars, outbreaks of diseases, dubious experiments of scientists, conflicts at different levels, the parasitic vital activity of mankind are only a small visible part of the changes that globally affect the entire planet, and, accordingly, the future of Russia. Analysis of historical events, astrological knowledge, magical rituals, divination cards – all these are tools for penetrating predictions for 2019. An unhealthy psychological background, violation of moral standards, propaganda of cruelty, violence are the determining factors for growth, the realization of negative forecasts.

Modern Russia is one of the most influential states on Earth. The development that the whole world is watching. Forecasts of its revival, role in the world, the vector of existence were predicted by insightful people who lived in different eras:

  • holy venerable Seraphim of Sarov;
  • Saint Rev. Lawrence of Chernigov;
  • St. Matrona Moscow;
  • monk Abel;
  • clairvoyant Vanga;
  • astrologer Nostradamus;
  • philosopher Paracelsus;
  • astrologers Pavel and Tamara Globa;
  • soothsayer Juna;
  • fortune teller Vera Leon;
  • medium Edgar Cayce.

Instructions of the Holy Fathers

It is not difficult to check the degree of accuracy, the fidelity of the prediction of the seers. Saints, as a rule, did not give exact dates for events. Because they knew that prayer, changes in the way of life of mankind can both bring closer and delay the fulfillment of the forecast. Or completely cancel its real incarnation. The predictions of the saints are more general in nature. However, many events have already come true. Their realization is manifested by life itself.

For example, the prediction of St. Seraphim of Sarov about the flowering of the Orthodox faith, the revival, restoration of churches throughout Russia, the murder of the famous Russian Tsar Nicholas II, the royal family. The Saints gave the forecast for 2019 not as rosy as we would like. World technological progress, the development of military potential will contribute to escalating aggression between countries. Political tension will rise. Russia will take on the role of a peacemaker, will contain the world’s evil as much as possible.

Matrona of Moscow prophesies the return of people from cities to the countryside. Because, on the one hand, due to the worsening economic situation, there will be less food. On the other hand, agriculture is a real way to survive, to feed ourselves. Thus, to return to the villages, villages a prosperous state.

Rev. Lawrence of Chernigov pointed out that the last times would be extremely aggressive. Only the Heavenly Father knows the dates. Batiushka advised humbly accepting illnesses, because this time is given for the correction of a sinful life, prayer of repentance. The saint foretold Russia the anointed of God – the ruler of the monarch in the future will feed the Slavic peoples, united for the Orthodox faith. They will begin to resist the forces of hell, which will be allowed to come to earth. Evil will rage.

Whether the world war will start in 2019, the predictions of the holy fathers are silent.

The prophecies of the monk Abel coincide with the forecasts of the clairvoyant Vanga, and testify to the manifestation of a leader whose reign will begin an era of prosperity for the Russian state. The Bulgarian soothsayer always spoke warmly about Russia. She said that it would be a holy place where many different peoples would gather after a global catastrophe. The whole of Europe was called the place of this event. The nature of Vanga’s gift, like most mediums, despite the coincidence of forecasts, is being questioned. Saints receive the gift of clairvoyance from God. And many predictions of eminent psychics for 2019 are given through magical demonic rituals. That is, they do not have grace, the power of God.

Astrology is the science of divination

Astrological knowledge reveals more precise dates for the forecasts of the expected development in Russia.

The famous astrologer Pavel gave a somewhat controversial astrological forecast for 2019 for Russia. Strengthening, the revival of political significance, the establishment of relations with aggressively minded countries, scientific discoveries will become the main prospects for the near future of Russia. The rise in economic indicators, the strengthening of the ruble will gradually improve the economic sphere. But along with this, the inhabitants of the country will show dissatisfaction with political decisions. What can cause serious internal conflicts in the state. Perhaps there will be another revolution. The murders of famous political figures are predicted.

The mystic, astrologer Michael Nostradamus, with his poems – quatrains, encrypted the history of the future for several centuries to come. There are many ambiguities in his predictions of what the world is waiting for. This is also due to the fact that the established global outlook is difficult to imagine changed. For example, that Siberia will become a kind of world center. The mystic warned of some new form of warfare. “The word will be sharper than the sword.” Indeed, even today we are witnesses and participants in information battles, conflicts of ideas, the number of victims of which is in the millions. For the information flow is not only a weapon of provocation, a mechanism for launching wars, but also a psychological impact on the minds, souls of people. His predictions point to the exact date – November 28, 2019. It is associated with a rare cosmic phenomenon that occurs once every several tens of thousands of years. The consequences may be:

  • significant evaporation of water surfaces;
  • hurricanes, tornadoes;
  • activation of long dormant volcanoes;
  • abrupt climate change.

Scientists argue that the interpretation of this phenomenon is erroneous, we should not panic, and we will be able to find out what awaits Russia in 2019 only by living up to this time.The alchemist, philosopher Paracelsus, who lived in the 16th century, left Russia with predictions of a great, saving mission. He accurately described the actions of the European powers towards the Russian state. They will humiliate, reject, provoke Russia by all means. Bring it to a state of decline. What is already being observed in the world political arena. The Swiss philosopher predicted the greatness of the Russian state: the great Cross will shine over Muscovy.

Psychic Prophecies

The famous Russian soothsayer Juna left more encouraging forecasts. The country protected by God, in her opinion, will not undergo serious cataclysms. She urged people to leave the love of luxury, to get rid of sinful passions, excesses. Emphasized the importance of restoring traditional human values. To return to one’s origins, to God, only under these conditions is a favorable turn of events possible.
What awaits us in 2019, our contemporary Kazakh fortuneteller Vera Lion told. The percentage of her forecasts fulfilled is about 80%. They mostly concern:

  • dramatic climate change throughout Russia;
  • confirmation of the return of the power of the army, the possession of the most powerful weapons of which there will be no analogues in the world.

The American psychic of the last century, medium Edgar Cayce, called Russia an unpredictable bear. He predicted this “Russian bear” the mission of saving the whole world. He wrote that the continuation of the revival of spirituality in Russia will take place in 2019. Despite global cataclysms, the attacks of other countries, the “Russian bear” will be asserted in the role of a superpowerful dominant power of planetary significance.

How to change a negative outlook

We can only watch what awaits Russia in 2019. Forecasts of the future are knowledge not only from the field of curiosity. With proper use, listening to them, they can help avoid disasters, change their negative course, or vice versa strengthen positive development prospects. This is a question of each and every individual living person. The world is a global unified system. It has not only physical, but also spiritual laws. Ignorance of spiritual rules does not exempt from responsibility. Clairvoyant predictions are not binding. Before changing the world for the better, it is important to realize that only bright changes within each of us will give optimism, hope, faith in a happy, peaceful future.

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