Prophecies of St. Seraphim Vyritsky about the future of Russia and the world

The Monk Seraphim of Vyritsky is known for predicting the beginning of a great war as early as 1927. In addition, he spoke about the fact that it was Alexy Khutynsky who would become the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, despite the fact that at that moment nothing foreshadowed this. A little later, Alexy became patriarch for a whole quarter of a century.

At a time when the church was going through its hard times, Seraphim said that the day would come when temples with churches would begin to revive, and even named specific ones.

In addition, the seer said that Leningrad would return its original name – St. Petersburg. He predicted that Orthodox radio would appear in large populated areas of the country and that all believers would be able to be closer to God without even leaving their homes.

The saint pointed out that times would come when money and material values ​​would turn a person away from God. From the thirst for profit and the desire to satisfy their base needs, people will suffer more than in the days when the state directly fought against the Orthodox Faith.

The Prophet noted that in the future, the East will have the main influence in the world. China will become a particularly strong state. Such a rapid growth in the development of this country will be due not to a large population, but to its diligence and wisdom. Seraphim said that sooner or later the East will be baptized, and this will happen in our country.

Russia faces difficulties, and the country will have to confront many threats. There will be a war, after which all peoples will unite. Jerusalem will become the capital of the world, and be one authority for all. This event will begin the countdown to the coming of the Antichrist.

Christians will be persecuted everywhere. From all corners of Russia, crowds of believers will begin to move inland. The reverend said that those who delay would face a sad fate. The only salvation is repentance.

Revival of Russia

In the process of restoring the importance of the Church, the young population will play. People will lose touch with God because of their desire for material values, but soon the situation will change. The widespread construction of churches and temples will begin, new monasteries will appear. The number of new believers will sharply increase, and St. Petersburg will become the spiritual heart of the country. This period will last about 15 years, and then the Antichrist will come.

Spiritual Instructions of the Prophet

To be saved, the prophet advises to resort to prayer. He especially singled out the prayer of Ephraim the Syrian “Lord and Master of my life.” The elder said that no one should condemn others. It is strictly forbidden to condemn the faith, since any clergyman is only an intermediary between people and God. Any atrocities must be answered only with mercy, because God always forgives those who sincerely repent of their sins.

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