Vanga and Nostradamus stand on the sidelines. Scientist’s predictions (3 photos)

Uncle – a sailor and a fisherman, surprised. He began to study the life of scientists and this is what he said:

Everyone knows the name of Nikola Tesla, the most famous scientist. It turns out that there were many prophecies in his writings. Below are excerpts from an interview given by the scientist in 1926, at the age of 68. Some of his predictions have already come true, others will come true. However, read for yourself:

“When the wireless connection is ideally applied, the whole earth will turn into a huge brain… We will be able to instantly communicate with each other, regardless of the distance. .. with the help of television and telephony, we will see and hear each other as perfectly as if we were face to face, despite the distance of thousands of miles, and the tools with which we can do this will be amazingly simple in comparison with our current phone. A person can carry it in a vest pocket.

“We will be able to watch and hear the events—the inauguration of a president, the game of a series of world games, the destruction of an earthquake, or the terror of a battle—as if we were present.

– ALL railroads will be electrified, and if there are enough museums in the future, steam locomotives will become grotesque antiques for our immediate offspring

“Perhaps the most valuable application of wireless power will be aircraft engines that will not carry fuel and will be free from any of the limitations of existing aircraft and airships.

We will arrive from New York to Europe in a few hours. borders will be largely erased, and a big step will be taken towards the unification and harmonious existence of the various races inhabiting the globe

– Static and all kinds of interference will be eliminated so that countless transmitters and receivers can operate without interference. It is more than likely that they will be used in the household (at home) daily and weekly. Newspapers will be printed wirelessly at home.

– Household management – problems with heat, light and household appliances – will be freed from human involvement thanks to convenient wireless communication.

– I foresee the development of an aircraft that is superior to the car

Vanga and Nostradamus stand on the sidelines. Scientist's predictions (3 photos)

Earthquakes will become more and more frequent. Temperate zones will become cold or hot.

The role of women in society will change. She will dominate…

People will turn into bees…

Vanga and Nostradamus stand on the sidelines. Scientist's predictions (3 photos)

bees are social insects

In BEES? Did I have to exclaim in surprise?

“Yes, it was in bees and, moreover, the scientist substantiated everything, but this is a separate story!” – cut off the uncle and turned off Skype.

Knowing his nature, I can say for sure that he will tell, he won’t resist, and I, as always, will post it on the channel.

I liked the material – put like, do not be greedy!

And stay tuned…

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