Predictions of famous astrologers and clairvoyants for 2020

Well, the long-awaited 2020 has come, and maybe not the long-awaited for someone, as it is a leap year. But nevertheless it has come, fireworks have died down and working days have come. Let’s see what knowledgeable people say about this year and what we can expect from it.

  • Svetlana Dragan says that this year the world will return to the so-called Cold War. This will happen on the condition that the governments of the superpowers do not agree and do not come to a common denominator. The medium is also sure that terrible natural disasters await the earth, due to which many countries will suffer. By this, nature will give us a hint that we need to keep what she has given us. In the future, according to the astrologer, a spiritual rebirth awaits us.
  • Vlad Ross predicted that strong politicians will appear in the world, which will determine the development of countries in the future. He also said that the end of the world in the coming year can not be expected, perhaps it will be in 9-10 years, or even not at all.
  • Maria Duval , her words are similar to Vanga’s predictions, the world will be covered by a severe economic crisis, and no one will be able to avoid it. But at this time, people will find a cure that allows them to live up to 130 years. At the beginning of 2020, the number of terrorist attacks will increase.
  • Valeria Koltsova said that the European economy would collapse and the US dollar would not hold its positions. This year, a terrible riot of nature and a summer drought is expected, from which the European part of the mainland will suffer, and the United States will suffer from floods.
  • Iranian clairvoyant Mehdi Ebrahimi Vafa predicts a severe economic crisis, after which only ten worthwhile currencies will remain in the world. The seer is also confident that Asian countries will unite and introduce their own single currency. The Rise of China Is Expected This Year
  • Monk Abel during his lifetime said that this year there would be no end of the world, but the year would not be easy. There will be many disasters and victims.

Well, I brought you the predictions of very famous mediums to the walkie-talkie. And let’s not negatively perceive all the words said above, since these are all predictions, and they may or may not come true.

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