Prediction about the future from Helena Blavatsky

To begin with, Blavatsky was an extraordinary person during her lifetime. Accordingly, the attitude towards her was the same. Who is she really: a liar or a clairvoyant.

Yes, I will not argue, she made no small contribution to science. The Theos Society she founded brought back a large number of forgotten ideas.

In her opinion, it is in 2020 that the year is the end of the five thousandth cycle of the Kali Yuga and the beginning of a new one, which will be called the “Era of Light”.

I have already read a lot that the “Golden Age” is about to come, which will be marked by the arrival of Maitreya. There is a Maitreya Bodhisattva in India who wants to become the highest being, after which he will lead the human race out of the reborn cycle.

Some of the scientists are sure that he is able to replace Gautama Buddha.

In the well-known book by E. Blavatsky “Theos Dictionary”, it is written in black and white that the Buddha visited Matreya in heaven and after 30 centuries, he must descend to earth. When this happens, the world will come to an end, after which the era of spiritual purity will come.

Now there is a birth of a new spiritual race.

According to Blavatsky, as Atlantis once went under water, in the near future this may happen to Great Britain and partly to the west of the European continent. And they will be replaced by the Azores and Fr. Poseidonis.

This has already begun to happen, but people simply do not notice it. The dark time is over, we are moving into the light.

Blavatsky was sure that the end of the world, which everyone is talking about, will happen, but it will be special, not as it is presented.

Mankind will never die out, people will live forever. They will simply be cleansed from the negative energy of generations.

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