Vanga’s predictions for 2020 – true or false?

The closer the New Year, the more often you can see statles and transmissions with predictions from Vanga, Nostradamus, the list of soothsayers is long. Of course, even if you are an atheist, or are sure that all these predictions are pure lies, curiosity will still prevail. So I could not resist and decided to get acquainted with the list of what awaits us in the near future:

for Russia: prosperity and stability

for Russia and Ukraine: world

for Europe: economic crisis and crisis of faith

for the world: the invention of a cure for cancer and at the same time the return of an old terrible disease (plague of the 21st century).

And if you go deeper and read the predictions of Nostradamus, then there is already outright nonsense, up to the invention of teleport by China and the success of the Tesla company (to be honest, I see how Nostradamus mentioned in detail and the name of the company).

The first 4 predictions became somehow suspicious to me (I already expressed my opinion about the teleport and Tesla) and I decided to look for these same predictions. Verbatim.

The only problem is that you will find a bunch of programs of a dubious nature, the main thing for which is sensation. Yeah, but where do the legs grow from then? Where did the predictions come from? Yes, and with the exact dates? We read: allegedly the daughter-in-law, who wrote down everything in detail in a notebook behind the famous soothsayer, recently published the data.

Vanga's predictions for 2020 - true or false?

Strange, isn’t it?

But what if in general we find the predictions of the Bulgarian clairvoyant? The same Wikipedia gives not a bad list of quotes. Yes, of course, that the vast majority of prophecies were made by specific people who were looking for help and truth from Vanga. But there were also general predictions.

But! I found a prediction about Kursk (a submarine) and even Vicki herself reports that there is no certainty that Vanga herself said this!

Let’s go further. And then I see another remarkable thing. There are no specific dates in the clairvoyant’s predictions. And here I gave you at least 4 predictions with the exact date of 2020.

Let’s say, but type in Google the same query but for the last year, for the year before last and you will see that there is a mountain of predictions with exact dates.

For me this is enough. I do not undermine faith in Vanga’s abilities. I just want to say that in recent years, numerous relatives of the seer have appeared more and more often, who, like rabbits from a hat, get more and more divinations. This despite the fact that the clairvoyant died in 1996. Don’t trust PR fans. We all want peace, stability and prosperity. This is what they play.

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