Predictions by Carlos Castaneda about the future of the United States

From this name alone – Carlos Castaneda – it breathes something mysterious and inexplicable. The very biography of the famous anthropologist, his circle of contacts in no less mysterious expeditions, is shrouded in mystery and sometimes fiction.

Did he really meet with great shamans or is it his fiction – who knows? He is one of the most controversial American writers, and the controversy surrounding his works continues to this day.

Castaneda’s sensational bestseller, published in millions of copies in seventeen languages, tells the story of the mystical teachings of a local Yaqui Indian named don Juan.

For many, the mystical revelations of the writer still have the strongest influence and even turn their worldview upside down. One has only to read the reviews of the works of the esoteric.

However, not even all admirers of his talent as a mystic and esotericist know that the writer and scientist, Ph.D. had the gift of foresight. Some researchers believe that these predictions are based on a thorough study of the history and culture of the indigenous population of America.

It is also likely that Castaneda simply conveyed the vision of the future of this power to the local Indians, predicting the collapse of the country in the future. According to him, given all the evil that the conquerors committed, the fate of the United States was already sealed long ago. Naturally, the local population hated the conquerors, shamelessly surviving peaceful natives from their own lands.

Indian shamans cursed these territories and the slave-owning invaders themselves. And since those times, the fate of the state of enslavers was a foregone conclusion. The naive Indians believed that America would immediately fall into the ocean abyss, and only the natives themselves would be saved. But higher powers intervened, and for some reason known only to them, they decided to prolong the existence of the United States. Although, on the other hand, the shamans also longed for the hated Yankees to suffer to their heart’s content.

According to Castaneda, the collapse of the state should occur at the end of the 2nd decade of the 21st century. Fortunately, this period has already passed. But today’s prophets say that it’s too early to rejoice: after all, the prophecies did not say that the catastrophe would happen instantly.

According to predictions, the territory of the United States should be swallowed up by the ocean, and the remaining Indians will then move to the territory of Mexico.

By the way, it will be recalled that not only Carlos Castaneda predicted the death of the United States. So, for example, the great seer Edgar Cayce also made similar assumptions.

True, many scientists say that a large-scale flood is unlikely in America. But it is quite likely that the mysterious Indian shamans did not mean the physical destruction of the state at all, but spoke about the collapse of the entire system.

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