Predictions for Russia and the world from Salman Salehigudarza

Salman Salehigudarza is a dervish, an ascetic. He lives in the highlands of Iran. People often come to Nes for help. He gives people advice on how to act in a given situation, and also makes predictions for the future. Salman is also a mentor to the clairvoyant Mohsen Noruzi, popular in Russia, who was the winner of one of the seasons of the TV project “Battle of Psychics”.

Predictions of Salman Salehigudarza

  • This year Russia is in for big ups and downs;
  • Starting in 2024, our country will begin to become the most powerful in the world;
  • Many countries will want to conclude friendly relations;
  • For people, spirituality will come first;
  • The eastern part of the world will be overcome by volcanic eruptions;
  • The most terrible volcano Yellowstone will not wake up for the next few years;
  • A dangerous virus will come from China, from which many people will suffer. I think he hit the mark here. The virus that came from the Middle Kingdom is already in Siberia.
  • About presidents, he said: Trump will want to increase his power. Macron will have emotions over the edge, and they will be more important than calculation. Merkel is the most balanced and always achieves her goals.

These are the predictions for the future made by the Iranian elder Salman Salehigudarza.

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