Clairvoyant Vera Lyon says that floods await Europe in 2019, and an abnormally warm winter awaits Russia

The forecast of the famous Kazakh clairvoyant Vera Lyon is gaining popularity on the Internet (watch this video, in which she mentions the main world events of the coming year).

In a nutshell, this time (unlike last year) Vera Lyon pays the main attention to natural disasters, which supposedly will take place almost all over the world, especially “hooking” America, Europe and Asia. In Western Europe, for example, England and Germany will suffer the most from floods, in Italy even the Vatican will go under water. In addition, this country will still be covered with ashes by a volcano.

A more severe climate will hit Great Britain, Germany will suffer from the same and Denmark.

But Russia is waiting for an abnormally warm winter, the clairvoyant says, thanks to which the snow will melt even in certain areas of Yakutia and Magadan. Rains and freezing showers will become usual for many regions of the country at this time.

Believe this prediction or not – it’s up to you. For example, for the current year, Vera Lyon predicted more political catastrophes and terrible military events, say, in the same Ukraine. You can read this forecast on our website and see how correctly this woman predicts. Perhaps after this you will not be so afraid either from her words or from similar horror stories of other home-grown prophets who seem to have united in an effort to predict the Apocalypse for us in the near future. But he still does not come, that’s the trouble …

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