Baba Vanga: “Aliens are preparing a big event in 2020”

Those who knew Vanga closely told a lot of interesting things. And quite unexpected.


“She talked to the dead, ” Vanga’s niece Krasimira Stoyanova recalls. – She said that their presence began to be felt with a burning sensation on the tip of the tongue. Then, as if a kind of cloud enveloped her brain. And after a few minutes, she stopped responding to the real world at all.

Vanga mentally asked questions to the souls of the dead, and they answered her. But if the spirits did not have an answer, then someone else’s distant voice came to her aid.

Inhuman. As if coming over the phone. The stranger spoke when it was very loud – Vanga’s ears were already blocked, and when it was so quiet that she had to ask again several times.

“ When a person stands in front of me, then all the deceased relatives gather around him, ” Vanga said. “I am the gateway to this world for them .”


Regarding the aliens, Krasimira said that she had preserved some kind of questionnaire that her aunt answered.

Shortly before her death, Vanga danced a ruchenitsa (Bulgarian folk dance) at a wedding.

“Question: Will there be a meeting with representatives of other civilizations?

Answer: Yes, in 2020.

– Is it true that alien ships visit the Earth?

– This is true.

– Where do they come from?

“From the planet they call Vamphim . So, in any case, this unusual word is heard to me. They say: “A big event is being prepared.” But what kind of event it is is not explained.”


Baba Vanga: "Aliens are preparing a big event in 2020"

About a year before Vanga’s death – in 1995 – rumors spread around Bulgaria about the arrival of aliens. One psychic reported this. The date and hour of the event were published by Bulgarian newspapers. There was a fuss, even preparations began to meet with guests from outer space.

But at the appointed time, no one from another planet arrived. A few weeks later, Vanga asked on the phone to come to her journalist Boyka Tsvetkova , with whom she was close friends. Here are the entries from her notebook:

Vanga: Remember the hype about aliens?

Boyka: I remember, but they didn’t show up.

V .: They arrived, only not then, but last night, and stood at the door – so beautiful, slender.

B: Are you scared?

V .: E … what to be afraid of? It was so good, we talked, and they disappeared.

B: Has anyone else seen them?

V .: Whom to see them, they came to me. Or maybe Vitka (Petrovska – the assistant to the prophetess) also saw them, she will not miss anything.

Alas, Boyka did not ask why the aliens came and what they said…


Baba Vanga: "Aliens are preparing a big event in 2020"

Among the prophecies of Vanga – what should happen in the near future – there are more optimistic than gloomy.

In early 1993, Vanga announced that the USSR would revive in the second half of the 21st century and Bulgaria would be part of it . And many new people will be born in Russia who will be able to change the world.

In 1994, she predicted:

“In the middle of the 21st century, humanity will get rid of cancer. The day will come when cancer will be shackled in “iron chains”. She explained these words in such a way that “the medicine against oncological diseases should contain a lot of iron.”

She also believed that a cure for old age would be invented. They will make it from the hormones of a horse, dog and turtle:

“The horse is strong, the dog is hardy, and the tortoise lives long.”

And before her death, Vanga suddenly uttered such mysterious words:

“The time of miracles will come and the time of great discoveries in the field of the non-material. There will also be great archaeological discoveries that will radically change our understanding of the world since ancient times. It’s so preordained.”

Let’s see if it works?

Professor Dobriyanov’s investigation

Professor Velichko Dobriyanov from the Sofia Institute of Suggestology (suggestology is the science of using suggestion in teaching) for many years kept records of conversations with Vanga, made numerous tape recordings.

And as a result, he published the book “A quantitative study of the“ Wanga phenomenon ”.

In total, in 18 conversations with visitors, Vanga recorded 823 messages. Of these, 445 are true, 288 are alternative (ambiguous) and 90 are erroneous.

Based on these data, the generalizing coefficient of telepathic communication – CTC, that is, reading the thoughts of visitors by Vanga, was calculated. On average, it is 0.7.

0.7 is a very large coefficient proving that Vanga could not find out information by any of the usual methods. To evaluate the meaning of the CTC value, the professor cited the results of two special experiments.

In them, instead of Vanga, two women talked to visitors – sighted (Vanga, we recall, was blind) and having “fortune-telling experience”, but not possessing Vanga’s abilities. So their CPC was only 0.2.

The professor also experimented with “liars” – people whom he deliberately prepared to mislead Wang. And in all cases with the “mishandled Cossacks” she confidently and surprisingly quickly exposed them.

As a result, Dobriyanov came to the conclusion:

“Vanga can carry out telepathic communication without leading questions. Her faithful telepathic messages are not simply the product of a combination of questions.”

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