Predictions of “Serbian Vanga” Verica Obrinovich for 2020

Verica Obrinovich is a clairvoyant from Serbia. In the past, she was the personal soothsayer of Slobodan Milosevic, and now she leads a quiet reclusive life. Veritsa rarely communicates with journalists, does not appear in public. But a few years ago, her predictions for the next decade were made public, which have already begun to come true …

Although in her homeland the seer gained wide popularity and was even nicknamed the “Serbian Nostradamus”, few in Russia know her name. Despite this, part of the clairvoyant’s prophecies is connected with the fate of our country. Veritsa also warns the world that a harsh long winter may soon begin, which will affect the inhabitants of the whole world.

Visions of a clairvoyant about the future of Russia

Veritsa predicted that in the new decade, the countries of Eastern Europe (Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, as well as the Czech Republic and Poland) would begin rapprochement with Russia. At the same time, the listed states will realize that they made a mistake when they entered the European Union.

Russia’s influence in the world will increase. Veritsa’s prediction about the new Berlin Wall looks frightening – the clairvoyant claims that Germany will again be divided into parts. One of them will be under the influence of NATO, while the other will submit to Russia. The seer does not give exact dates, but disturbing events may occur as early as 2020.

Also soon there will be military conflicts. Clashes are possible between North and South Korea, between North Korea and the United States. Our country may start a war with Turkey. Veritsa is not the first to declare the proximity of the Russian-Turkish conflict – the Monk Paisios the Svyatogorets also warned the world about the coming war. But the elder was sure that victory would be on the side of Russia. Veritsa is of the same opinion – she says that Russia will return the Turkish part of Cyprus to the Greeks and win the war.

In addition, the Serbian clairvoyant predicts a rapprochement between Russia and China and India. Soon, according to Verica, these three powers will take the lead on the world stage.

Climate change prophecies

But most of all, the clairvoyant became famous for her ability to predict natural disasters. She foresaw the flood of 2014, which caused enormous damage to Serbia and became the worst in the last 120 years.

Veritsa Obrinovich warned about the “Siberian winter” that hit America in 2019. Frosts were abnormal for the USA: in many states the temperature dropped below -30 degrees. However, the clairvoyant claims that this is only the beginning of natural disasters.

According to the seer, climate change on the planet will only intensify. Already in 2020, many countries will feel the proximity of global cooling. And in the period from 2020 to 2035, a new ice age may begin – the winter will become long and cold, snow will begin to fall even in the southern regions.

Veritsa also reported that Yellowstone would erupt. How strong the consequences of the eruption will be, the seer does not say. But it is possible that this catastrophe will cause global cooling – scientists warn that the eruption of a supervolcano can cause a decrease in temperature throughout the planet.

Since Veritsa Obrinovich leads a solitary life, many of her predictions may remain unknown. And who knows what other visions visit the mysterious Serbian clairvoyant?

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