There will be no World War III until August 2019 (2 photos)

After the well-known strange events of July 2, 2019, when the first persons of the superpowers suddenly canceled all public events, and persons of lower rank rushed to hold military meetings, the situation in the world escalated somewhat and, as many people think, not today, so tomorrow the Third World War will begin.

As all of our regular readers know very well, The Big The One website can be summed up in just two words: Doom Radar. In other words, we try to keep our readers up to date with all the possible bad things that are gathering on the horizon. Therefore, people who do not understand the topic often reproach us that “you are escalating”.

Nevertheless, the development of events predicted by us is going according to plan, that is, the world is smoothly preparing for a world war. And now, when many people have a premonition that the Third World War will certainly happen and will happen right now, we would like to “inflame” a little, that is, to defuse the situation, which is placed in a separate post for the convenience of readers. And for this detente, we want to recall some well-known prophecies about the beginning of the Third World War. So.

Alipia Goloseevskaya : “The war will begin against the apostles Peter and Paul. This will happen when the corpse is taken out …. You will lie: there is an arm, there is a leg …. This will not be a war, but the execution of peoples for their rotten state. Dead bodies will lie in mountains, no one will undertake to bury them. Mountains and hills will fall apart, razed to the ground. People will run from place to place. There will be many bloodless martyrs who will suffer for the Orthodox faith.”

The German prophet Theodor Beikirch published a book in 1849 called “Prophetenstimmen mit Erklarungen”, which roughly translates as “Voices of the Prophet with explanations”. In Runet, the following version of the translation of the fragment, which tells about the start time of ww3, roams from site to site:

“The month of May will seriously prepare for war, but it will not come to war yet. June will also invite to war, but it will not come to it either. July will be so serious and formidable that many will say goodbye to their wives and children. In August, war will be spoken of in all corners of the earth. September and October will bring great bloodshed. Amazing things are going to happen in November.”

The End Times Forecaster gives the English text of this prophecy:

“The month of June will bring the beginning of problems, but it will not yet be a real war.” ……

“General mobilization will begin in July.”…..

“In August, all the people involved will begin to feel the effect.”….

“In September, there will be the biggest carnage that mankind has ever experienced”…..

“There will be miracles between October and December.”

Unfortunately, we cannot translate the original source, since it is written in some unimaginable Gothic script, but the general meaning of the text is clear: there will be no war until autumn.

Norwegian fisherman Anton Johansson (1858-1929 ): “The Third World War will begin in mid-July – early August. Summer in northern Sweden. There is no snow yet on the Norwegian mountains. In the year the war begins, there will be a hurricane in spring or autumn.

Alois Irlmeier: “In the year when the Third World War breaks out, March will be such that the peasants will be able to sow oats. The year before the war will be fertile, with an abundance of fruit and grain. I am able to draw the time of the year only by signs. There is snow on the mountain peaks. Cloudy, rain interspersed with snow. In the valley, everything turns yellow …. During the war, darkness will come, which will last 72 hours. During the day it will be dark, hail will fall, there will be lightning and thunder, earthquakes will make the planet twitch. At this time, do not leave the house, burn only candles. Whoever inhales the dust will go into convulsions and die. Black out windows and don’t open them. Water and food that is not sealed tightly will become contaminated, as well as that stored in glassware. Everywhere death provoked by dust, many people will die. In 72 hours it will all be over but I repeat: do not leave the house, burn only candles and pray. More people will die that night than in two world wars. Do not open windows within 72 hours. There will be so little water in the rivers that they can be easily crossed. The cattle will die, the grass will turn yellow and dry up.”

Prediction of Hermann Kappelmann from Scheidingen : “In a few years, a terrible war will break out. The primroses in the pastures and widespread unrest will be harbingers of the approaching war. But this year, nothing will start. But when the short winter passes, everything blooms prematurely, and it will seem that everything is calm around, then no one will believe in the world anymore.

Abbé Couricier (1872) : “A strong struggle will begin. The enemy will literally pour in from the East. In the evening you will still say “peace!”, “peace!”, And the next morning they will already be at your doorstep. In the year when a powerful military confrontation begins, the spring will be so early and good that in April the cows will be driven out to the meadows, oats will still not be harvested, but wheat can be.

Thus, there are a lot of prophecies that speak of the beginning of the Third World War sometime in the fall. At the same time, the predictions of Alipia Goloseevskaya deserve the closest attention, because while living in Kyiv, this woman, a few weeks before April 26, 1986, walked along Khreshchatyk (the main street of Kyiv) and warned about the Chernobyl disaster. She can be trusted 100 percent.

There will be no World War III until August 2019 (2 photos)

However, for those who do not believe in prophecy, here is an excerpt from one very informative military-analytical article. bulochnikov.livejournal: The United States has all its nuclear power concentrated in nuclear weapons, on 14 Ohio SSBNs. These are 3.000 warheads W76 and 400 warheads W88. Everything else is of no interest. When you try a sudden disarming strike (and this is the only possible option), the main missile launch area is a traverse of the northeastern tip of Novaya Zemlya and in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe New Siberian Islands, from where to Uzhur and other areas where our missile regiments are deployed no more than 3,000 km with a flying time of less than 15 minutes . Ice conditions allow strikes from mid-July to the end of September. The optimal time is the second half of August. 

Thus, both prophecies and a simple strategic calculation say that for a start, the United States will bomb Iran, then some corpse will be carried out somewhere, then some other events will occur – and only after that the Third World War will begin in an adult way. So before the implementation of all of the above, our readers can go to bed peacefully: in the morning we will all wake up and again we will follow the development of events.

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