What did Vera Lyon predict for the near future?

Clairvoyant Vera Lyon has been practicing esotericism for over 20 years. She predicts the fate of not only people, but entire countries. According to customer reviews, some of the prophecies have already come true, despite being fantastical.

Who is Vera Lyon?

The name of Vera according to her passport is Vera Vitalievna Visich (her maiden name is Zhikhareva). The fortuneteller was born in Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg) on ​​February 14, 1962. Vera was the eldest child in the family. The younger sisters Love and Hope were twins. Love lives in Chelyabinsk. Hope passed away at the age of 38. Vera does not maintain a relationship with her son. The sisters were left without a father early, who suffered from alcohol addiction and died at the age of 36.

To help her family, Vera was forced to start working early. The future seer received the specialty of a telephone operator, but worked as a duty officer at the Sverdlovsk Koltsovo airport and as a laboratory assistant at the Railway Institute. In 1984, the clairvoyant first married Dmitry Visich and moved to Kazakhstan. From her first husband, Vera gave birth to sons Daniel and Artem. The marriage with her second husband Valery was not long due to the constant presence of her husband in prison.

Lyon claims to have been special since childhood. She saw prophetic dreams. The girl was often awakened by an unfamiliar voice or coughing, despite the fact that no one was in the room. At the age of 14, Vera, according to her, opened her third eye. The girl suffered from headaches and tachycardia. Closing her eyes, she saw a black screen in front of her, on which unrelated plots appeared. After going to the doctor and a thorough examination, Vera was declared healthy, and the visions soon stopped.

The gift of clairvoyance returned a few years later. Being pregnant for the first and second time, Vera knew what gender the child would be and how it would look. The ability to “see” resumed. The woman became seriously ill. She was diagnosed with asthma.

Since traditional medicine could not help Vera, she turned to a psychic. From a specialist in esotericism, the woman learned about her destiny – to heal and predict the future. If the soothsayer refuses to fulfill her mission, the energy accumulated in her will harm her. Vera began to heal people and predict, thanks to which she was nicknamed the Kazakh Vanga.

Today Lyon lives alone. Children live separately. The clairvoyant does not intend to enter into either intimate or friendly relations. She does not like to travel and attend social events. The prophetess considers herself a happy person. Loneliness does not burden the clairvoyant. It helps her develop spiritually.

Vanga from Kazakhstan is engaged not only in esotericism. She is interested in photography, psychology and writing poetry. For her literary work, the prophetess uses the pseudonyms Nika Wil and Veranika Zima. Vera is a zookeeper and does charity work. Lyon claims to have his own path and doesn’t need a leader. The fortuneteller believes in God, but does not consider herself an adherent of any religion. The clairvoyant advocates a philosophical rather than a religious worldview.

You can find detailed information about Vera and the services that she offers on the official website of the clairvoyant. Here you can also order photos charged with the healing energy of Lyon: pictures for good luck in business, for getting a job, for a happy marriage, healing photos, etc. On the site, the clairvoyant posts her prophecies, presented in the form of quatrains (quatrains) and tales ( texts, the plot of which is presented in the form of unrelated images). The clairvoyant avoids making long-term predictions.

Fulfilled predictions

Some of the predictions that Vera Lyon made have already come true:

  1. Due to the deterioration of relations with the countries of the West, Russia will move closer to the eastern states. Rapprochement in particular will occur with the countries of Latin America and China. The prediction was made in 2013, before the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation and the imposition of Western sanctions.
  2. A year before the Sochi Olympics, Lyon predicted Russia the most medals.
  3. Shortly before the 2 terrorist attacks in Volgograd, the Kazakh prophetess “saw” explosions on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  4. Korea expected terrorist attacks during the Olympic Games. However, the terrorists failed to carry out their plan. According to the prophetess, weather conditions should have prevented them.
  5. In 2014, a crisis will begin in Russia. Already after the entry into force of the sanctions, the clairvoyant predicted that the Russian Federation would not suffer from them. The country should expect a rise in the economy, the development of industry and agriculture, the emergence of new jobs.
  6. In 2014, an event will occur, after which Russia will have an increase in the number of enemies. At the same time, Lyon emphasizes that those whom the Russian Federation has always considered its friends and reliable partners will also turn out to be enemies. Under the important event of 2014, Vera probably meant the annexation of Crimea.
  7. In 2018, Putin will be re-elected for the next presidential term. But if in 2012 Vladimir Vladimirovich was supported by a smaller number of Russians, then in 2018 almost all residents of the Russian Federation will vote for Putin. Medvedev will remain prime minister. Shoigu will not leave his post.
  8. The soothsayer claims that she foresaw the collapse of the Soviet Union, the separation from Russia of Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and other republics. Gorbachev will resign.
  9. In Ukraine, Yanukovych will become president. However, soon after that, there will be a change of power in the country. The post of president will be taken by Petro Poroshenko. The prediction was made before 2014.

Latest Predictions

The most recent predictions of Vera Lyon refer to world events:

  1. In the eastern hemisphere, the soothsayer did not see global climate change. Trouble awaits the inhabitants of the United States after the awakening of the Yellowstone volcano. In 2018, the volcano will be active, and in 2019 it will completely get out of control.
  2. There will be a shift of the north and south poles. The melting of glaciers will continue. Before the threat of a global catastrophe, many competing countries will have to join forces. Humanity will be forced to look for alternative energy sources that would cause less harm to the planet’s ecology. The resources of the Earth will be used more wisely.
  3. The incidence of cancer will increase. The reason for the high incidence will be the active use of GMOs.
  4. People will not be implanted with chips that can track a person’s movement, get information about him, etc. In the next few months, interest in chipping will decrease.
  5. Many Catholics will become disillusioned with Catholicism. Mass unrest and pogroms on religious grounds are possible. In Europe, statues of popes and religious buildings will be destroyed. People will begin to move away from the faith of their ancestors, many new trends will appear. People will seek true faith and evidence for the existence of God.
  6. In the near future, China expects problems caused by internal factors. However, this will not lead to any cardinal changes in the country.
  7. The United States is facing color revolutions.
  8. Yulia Skripal will have a double who will appear before the press and speak on behalf of Yulia herself. The girl will not return to Russia. She will be given British citizenship. Sergei Skripal is already dead and in the morgue.
  9. The Russian ship “Nord”, captured by Ukraine, will be flooded. The team will be allowed to return home on the orders of Donald Trump.

Predictions for 2018

Vera Lyon Predictions for 2018:

  1. Winter will be rainy but warm.
  2. The plane will sink. Where this will happen, and which country the plane will belong to, is unknown.
  3. The flow of refugees to Europe will increase.
  4. The armed conflict in Syria will come to an end. A large number of refugees from other states will move into the country. Turkish tanks will approach the Syrian border, but will be stopped by someone. The country will begin to restore the destroyed buildings.
  5. The situation in the Middle East is stabilizing.

Predictions for 2019

Vera Lyon Predictions for 2019:

  1. Humanity will continue to explore space. A new spaceship will be invented.
  2. Engineers will create air transport (not a plane or a spaceship). Such transport will become an analogue of modern cars, only it will move by air.
  3. The year will be fertile, but freezing rains are to be expected.
  4. Vera was able to “see” the armed conflict. She cannot name the state in which it will take place, but she claims that this is a country where there is a lot of sand and stone.
  5. The area of ​​land and oceans will change.
  6. At the beginning of the year, things will move quickly. But then there will be an obstacle that prevents you from moving forward. What events should take place, Lyon does not indicate.
  7. The world map will change. Some states will appear, others will disappear. Some countries on the border with Russia will be annexed to the Russian Federation. Despite the claims of Japan, the Russian islands will not pass to this country.
  8. There will be no third world war. Armed conflicts of various durations are possible, as some states need to profit from the sale of weapons. However, no one is interested in a large-scale armed conflict. He threatens to destroy all life on the planet.

Predictions about Kazakhstan

Prophecy about Kazakhstan:

  1. The state will follow the path of Ukraine, trying to join the countries of the West. In the near future, persecution of Russians will begin in the country. Not only ethnic Russians, but also representatives of other nationalities will want to leave the state.
  2. In 2018, the country is facing a crisis. The number of unemployed will increase, prices will be raised. The population will start to get poorer. The crisis will lead to a social explosion.
  3. Kazakh Vanga portends a shortage of drinking water in Kazakhstan.
  4. In 2019, an armed conflict will begin in the country.
  5. The authorities will ask for help from the Russian Federation.
  6. Despite the economic and social crisis, Kazakhstan will not cease to exist as a state.

Predictions about Russia

Vera Lyon made the following predictions about Russia:

  1. The country has already embarked on the right path of development. In 2018, some states expect misfortune. The Russian Federation is reliably protected by higher forces, which will save it from major tragedies. At the same time, the country will not become a leader.
  2. Western sanctions will soon be lifted. At the same time, Moscow will not lift Russian sanctions against Western manufacturers.
  3. Russia will abandon the dollar. The country does not need foreign currency, but its presence is beneficial to some officials whose activities are related to finance (the prophetess does not mention Nabiullina).
  4. The death of a Russian politician will affect the future of the country. Vera does not name him.
  5. Power in the Russian Federation will try to seize Igor Strelkov, whom Lyon calls a traitor. An attempt will be made at the end of 2018 or 2019. and will fail.
  6. In Russia, they will invent weapons that will have no analogues in the whole world.
  7. An atomic explosion is possible. But the consequences of the explosion are insignificant, and there will be practically no casualties.
  8. New laws will be passed to protect women’s rights.
  9. In Russia, the number of people involved in black magic will increase.

Predictions about Ukraine

Vera Lyon says the following about Ukraine:

  1. The country will emerge from the crisis, but with great difficulty. The clairvoyant did not indicate the year of the exit from the crisis.
  2. Ukrainians should prepare for religious wars.
  3. Petro Poroshenko expects retribution. He will remain alone. Those who supported the Ukrainian president will also suffer.
  4. A new politician will appear in the country, who will be distinguished by justice, mercy, intelligence and other positive qualities. This person will help the country out of the crisis.
  5. DPR and LPR will not return to the state. The division of the country will take place only if the people cease to resist external evil. The 5 western regions will become part of several Western European countries.
  6. Fascism will be defeated, but only by force of arms.
  7. Volyn massacre may be repeated.
  8. There is a high probability that Trump will refuse to finance Ukraine.

About Russian-Ukrainian relations in 2018-2019

Despite the anti-Russian propaganda, the Ukrainian people will remain interested in cooperation with the Russian Federation. Ukrainians will make attempts to find a job in Russia. At the same time, the confrontation between the two countries will continue in 2018-2019. However, dangerous collisions can be avoided. Russians and Ukrainians should be careful. Enemies of both countries will stir up conflicts between fraternal peoples.

What awaits the world?

Predictions for the last days of 2018:

  1. In a country unknown to the Faith, famine will come. In the vision of the soothsayer, a large pipe sucked food from store shelves. There were people nearby.
  2. Scientists discover a dinosaur egg with a living baby inside.
  3. Theresa May will be fired.
  4. Donald Trump is dismantling NATO. Also, the American president will cause the collapse of the European Union.
  5. The state of the CIS (the clairvoyant does not know which one) expects a tornado.
  6. North and South Korea will become a single state. In this case, one leader will be executed.
  7. Nagorno-Karabakh will begin separation from Armenia through an armed conflict. Karabakh will become a separate country in 2019.
  8. The Pope is sick. His illness will end in disability.
  9. There will be an expedition to the moon.
  10. In the UK, military equipment will suddenly fail.
  11. Asia is in for an earthquake.
  12. They will invent a medicine that will completely cure cancer.
  13. Islam will begin to lose its popularity even in Muslim countries due to the aggressive behavior of some radical Muslims.
  14. Kurds in Syria will agree to a peaceful solution to the conflict.
  15. Romania and Poland will begin to gradually liquidate Ukrainian nationalists who may interfere with the division of the territory of Ukraine.
  16. An armed conflict will arise between the United States and China.
  17. Military equipment made in the USA will explode. Other countries will refuse to buy American technology because of its poor quality.
  18. Julian Assange will try to deprive him of asylum in the Embassy of Ecuador. But for Assange, everything will end well. He will either not lose his asylum, or he will find another.
  19. In Russia, they will invent a cure for the Ebola virus. In the Russian Federation, only 1 person will be infected with the virus.
  20. The United States will attempt to linger in Syria. Possible terrorist attacks prepared by the Americans. Nevertheless, the American army will be forced to leave Syria.
  21. Do not invest in cryptocurrencies. By the end of the year, they will suddenly disappear.
  22. There will be terrorist attacks in the United States.
  23. Artifacts belonging to alien civilizations will be found in Antarctica.
  24. Russians and Israelis will be set against each other. Lyon assumes that the Americans will do it, and advises both peoples not to succumb to provocations.
  25. Russians will discover minerals at the North Pole. Other countries will claim the find.
  26. Turkish President Erdogan will try to withdraw Turkey from NATO.

About Putin

The latest predictions about the Russian president are that Putin is in great danger. The president has many enemies and envious people not only abroad, but also among his subordinates. However, Vladimir Vladimirovich will be able to overcome all obstacles in his path. It is almost impossible to harm the president: Putin is under the protection of higher powers. Lyon has repeatedly claimed that the Russian president will save the country from the Antichrist, without specifying who he is.

About Novorossiya

In her prophecy about the Donbass for 2018, Vera assures that the situation will not improve. However, in the near future Novorossiya will have a peaceful life. Everything that was destroyed will be restored. A young politician will come to power in Novorossiya. Perhaps he will be Leo according to the sign of the zodiac. However, the clairvoyant does not exclude that Leo is the name of a politician.

New Russia will introduce the ruble and Russian passports. At the same time, Lyon does not promise to join Russia. The border will be saved. But Russians will be able to visit Novorossia in a simplified manner. NATO will attempt to bring in its troops. However, something will interfere with the actions of the military. The fate of Donbass is also favorable in economic terms.

About pension reform

Not a single psychic gives accurate predictions about the reform of the pension system. Lyon assumes that the increase in the age of pensioners will still happen. However, before adopting a law, the government will repeatedly review its decision so as not to cause a social explosion. This part of the prediction has already come true.

On the death of Zakharchenko

Lyon made a prediction about Motorola, Givi, Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky. The first two were expected to die by murder. Vera did not give an accurate prediction about Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky, explaining that the fate of these people depends on their behavior. They can avoid death if they give up their posts. Vera made an inaccuracy when she said that Zakharchenko was more likely than Plotnitsky to avoid death. However, the prophecy that the reign of the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic would soon end turned out to be true.

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