“A nuclear strike will destroy America.” Predictions by John Titor

No one can say for sure who John Titor is or where he came from. Despite this, people are interested in his personality, because his predictions dating back to the year 2000 are already coming true.

John Titor and his prophecies

The world first learned about Titor in 2000. At that time, he registered on a forum where he  told people about what would happen in the future,  while naming the exact dates, events, facts and names.

Forum users were interested in the stranger and his predictions. People asked him questions, which John happily answered. Among his predictions was a  war between the US and Iraq.  Later, the whole world was convinced of the veracity of the prediction.

Who is this prophet from the forum?

People tried hard to find out who the user with the nickname  TimeTravel_0  was on the forum.

In 2000, John told forum users that he came from the year 2036. Then he planned to move to 1975.

Conspiracy theorists, who were interested in the personality of Titor, found out in their research that the man appeared in 1998. There are suggestions that he is now  serving in the US Army.

Titor’s Predictions for America

  • The black streak for America will begin with conflicts within the country that will lead to a  civil war
  • America will become  vulnerable to enemies from outside , because politicians at home will not be able to come to a consensus.
  • When America’s enemies see its weakness, they will attack, which will lead to the death of the country. Nuclear weapons will be used against America  , which will destroy the mainland, and only a few will survive

It is worth considering, what if his predictions are  true ? After all, many of them have already come true.

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