Predictions of Sergei Vronsky about Russia, which no one believed

Sergei Vronsky is one of the famous clairvoyants of the 20th century. He is a hereditary clairvoyant and he himself studied this art with his grandmother. During the Third Reich, he worked at a secret institute in Berlin and trained esotericists for the military needs of the German army.

He accurately predicted the defeat of the German army. He advised Hitler’s adviser Hess to flee to the Kingdom of England as soon as possible. And when it smelled of fried food, Vronsky moved to Russia. He realized that no one in Germany trusts him, and in the Russian Federation a long but hard life awaits him.

Sergei Vronsky had an amazing and inexplicable gift of clairvoyance. During the war, he worked for the Soviet Union. But the government treated his family very cruelly, and Sergei himself miraculously escaped repression.

Very often, government cars drove up to his house, in which he was taken to the Kremlin. From there, he brought products that at that time were simply impossible to find on store shelves.

He says: “I just help politicians, scientists, government, etc. deal with domestic problems

Unfortunately, not everyone listened to him and believed in his words enough.

Part of those predictions that the government and higher people disobeyed:

  • He advised Y. Gagarin not to fly on 03/27/68.
  • He predicted a tragic life for US President John F. Kennedy and his brothers.
  • Little good news was reported by M. Monroe.
  • He advised B. Yeltsin not to get involved in a war on Chechen soil, since the chance of victory is zero.

No one then listened to Sergei Vronsky and everyone knows what it all led to.

And yet his gift of clairvoyance remained unclaimed. But still he managed to leave his name in history. He published a series of 12 books called “Classical Astrology”, which has no analogues in the world. In our time, these publications are educational material for many young learned astrologers.

He tried not to say anything about what awaits Russia. Since he believed that his words were just like air, they would fly away to nowhere. But still, what awaits the Russian Federation from 2020, the era of spiritual enlightenment, is written in the annals of predictions.

This was such a unique person Sergei Alekseevich Vronsky, who knew a lot about the future of the country, but because he was not trusted, he took this knowledge and secrets with him.

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