Predictions for 2021 and 2028 from Pastor Kenton Beshore

Pastor Kenton Beshore is a former president of the World Bible Society based in the US state of California. He studied the Bible for several years.

4 years ago, his written message to all Christians was discovered. In this, in fact, historical document, it turned out that the pastor was able to determine the date of the end of the world. But unfortunately, based on his data, none of the believers have time to sincerely repent of their sins.

The end of the world will occur gradually and it will begin in 2021. Jesus will come to earth immediately after the end in 2028. The pastor gives the sinners of planet Earth seven difficult and terrible years.

When God comes to Earth, he will take with him all the righteous or give them possession of the Earth without evil and sins.

The most important sign of the beginning of the end of the world, according to Kenton Beshore, will be frequent natural disasters on earth.

Many people and scientists do not believe in the words of the pastor, because, according to people, he was a xenophobe, and this completely contradicts what Christ taught. That is why he cannot carry prophecies into the world in the name of God.

In our time, many seers prophesy the end of the world, but connect it with the Third World War.

There are those who predict that the Earth will be invaded by evil alien beings.

Others say that there will be no humanity, and that robots, cybernetic mechanisms with artificial intelligence will not come to replace them.

If you think sensibly, then there are a lot of developments, and some even scare.

What do you think about this?

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