Spouses Roerich’s predictions about Russia

The Roerich family went through wealth and poverty, fame and oblivion. Their path was thorny and difficult. Many citizens of Russia know Nicholas Roerich as an artist, but he also studied esotericism, was known in spiritual circles and made prophecies.

His wife Elena also studied esotericism. She claimed that with the help of clairvoyance she was in contact with one of the leaders of the Agni Yogi direction.

Although the couple left our country because of the revolution, they made many prophecies about the fate of the country.

So, Elena wrote in 1941 that Russia would win the war. She also argued that peace on the territory of Russia is a guarantee of peace in other countries, and if this country falls, then the rest of the world will fall behind it. She attached more importance to the Slavic people, believing that he was destined for a big role.

Elena also believed that the significance of our country in Theosophy is deliberately hidden, because if other countries knew about it, they would split the country.

There is an opinion that many prophecies are “hidden” in the paintings of N. Roerich, of which there are about 7000. In 1980, Vanga spoke about this.

N. Roerich himself said that our country would lead the world and exalt itself in the coming century. Both spouses believed that suffering only tempered the Russian spirit. Thanks to them, we have found the basis for creating a powerful civilization.

Spouses Roerich's predictions about Russia

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