Prophecy of a lama from Tibet about the end of the world

Tibetan lamas are unique people about whom various legends have been circulating for a long time. It is believed that they have unique abilities to foresee various events, as they very keenly feel the reality around them.

All this is achieved due to the fact that lamas work all their lives on spiritual harmony and improve their spirit and mind. Considering reality and their inner world as something unified, they can enter a special state where a special connection with the outside world is established.

Just recently, one of these lamas shared what he learned while sleeping, and this news is very disturbing. The lama said that he saw the Buddha himself in a dream, which told him what humanity expects in the coming years. Lama shared his new knowledge with his family, and then the information was published by various publications. Very soon, the lama met with reporters and gave exclusive interviews.

In a conversation with journalists, the lama said not very encouraging things. No matter how much people wanted to hear only good things, the Eastern sage had to tell impartial things. He said that in the near future humanity will have to face catastrophes and natural disasters. They will acquire a global scale, therefore, they will affect the entire planet. The world will face an unprecedented drought, which will provoke a sharp shortage of important resources. The last chord of the upcoming apocalypse will be floods.

All this will happen very soon, and 2026 will be the last year for humanity, according to the lama.

I would like to hope that the lama is mistaken in his own predictions, and a more encouraging and happy future awaits our planet.

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