Predictions of Seraphim Vyritsky about the future of Russia and the world

Seraphim Vyritsky is an Orthodox saint with the gift of clairvoyance. Its main feature is the clarity of visions of the fate of not only a person, but also the country and the Church. Most of his predictions are written down in poetic form.

Predictions of Seraphim Vyritsky about the future of Russia

  1. Speaking about the future of Russia, he was very sad that there would come a time when false values ​​would play a big role for people. Their hearts will turn away from God, and then mass destruction of souls will begin, more than in the years of religious persecution.
  2. In the once great power, there will be discontent, many difficulties. At the same time, conflicts with other states will begin.
  3. The war with the Israeli people will end with the formation of a separate state of Israel with Jerusalem as its capital. It will become the stronghold of the future of the whole world.
  4. And even for the Vatican, there was a prophecy. Seraphim said that one day papal elections would be held and a new pope with Slavic roots would take the holy place.

Seraphim’s predictions about the world

  1. The Eastern people, and especially China, will receive more power. But they will take it not by the number of inhabitants, but by their industriousness and prudence.
  2. Numerous difficulties will provoke the beginning of a new war. According to Vyritsky, such a terrible one that the world has not yet seen. But it will end with the unification of peoples and the election of a single ruler.
  3. Orthodox Christians are in for a great persecution. Echelons will be drawn from the cities into the Siberian depths. And we must be among the first to leave the cities in order to avoid the sad fate prepared for the rest.
  4. The West will begin to break Russia into separate pieces, giving the Siberian lands up to the Urals to the East. But having reached these mountains, they will frighten Europe, and she will help get rid of the emancipation of Russian lands by the Chinese army.

Rise of Russia

The verses of the Saint say that the salvation of the Motherland is in all-human repentance and prayers.

Predictions of Seraphim Vyritsky about the future of Russia and the world

After the era of moral decline and permissiveness, young people will independently begin to return to the bosom of the Church in various ways. This event will be marked by the revival of temples and monasteries. Petersburg will become the spiritual center.

The time of prosperity will be only 15 years, when the Gentiles themselves will want to accept Christianity. And then the Antichrist will come to Earth.

In the forecasts of Seraphim Vyritsky, one can see not only the past with the future, but also instruction to the people for salvation.

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