Predictions of Antonio Vasquez Alba about Russia

Mexico is a rather magical and mysterious country in itself. Not surprisingly, there is also a sorcerer here. Antonio Vasquez Alba is highly revered in his homeland. He is treated with great respect, and not casually. Many of his prophecies are coming true.

So, he immediately expressed the opinion that no apocalypse would happen in 2012. He predicted the Iraqi and Syrian wars. He also predicted the election of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. As you may have guessed, all these predictions have successfully come true. Such accuracy in forecasts inspires confidence.

Now about Russia. The Mexican did not bypass her in his predictions. He stressed that in the foreseeable future it is not threatened by any global cataclysms or disasters. Although economic problems will still exist for some time. Intrigues in the form of sanctions, information warfare and other minor dirty tricks will also continue temporarily. But this is not forever.

The sorcerer himself claims that the union of the two largest powers of the planet – Russia and the United States – would be very useful for world well-being. Together they could change the Earth for the better beyond recognition. Peace, piety and prosperity would reign in the world. Science would make a big leap forward.

But the world Control, according to the prophet, does not want to allow this and is plotting.

But despite them, Russia remains a big and powerful power. And over time, its power will only grow to the envy and malice of spiteful critics. From this impotent rage, they will continue to send sanctions, lies and provocations.

Antonio Vazquez Alba also stressed that all sanctions against Russia are only for its benefit, making it stronger and more independent. They bring trouble only to those who organize them. But not everything comes at once. Difficulties will continue, but from 2024 Russia will enter its heyday, both economic and spiritual.

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