Prediction about the time of the Great Coming and the Savior of the world

The time of great changes in our civilization, the time of mass cataclysms and the third world war has always been in question. They were appointed for different times by different people, and yet they still have not come. And yet there are clues that allow us to say that this time is already very close and several years will pass, and it may come. Not centuries, not decades, but years. So, sit back, pour some coffee/juice/whatever and let’s get started. Enjoy reading.

Edgar Casey. Awesome person. Or rather, not quite human. He has over 30,000 predictions that have come true. He always predicted in a trance state. He usually prophesied about the diseases of people, about the methods of their cure. And he wasn’t wrong. But besides illnesses, he also talked about the future.

So, he owns the prophecy that by the end of the century America will become an island nation due to the explosion of Yellowstone. Casey is a highly respected prophet. And the Vulcan has become more and more active in recent years. The nation is tensed and listening. When a 4-magnitude earthquake hit Yellowstone in May 2015, the entire US presidential administration and many of the richest people in the country left the country and flew in different directions. Looks like they were getting ready.

Helena Roerich. She also predicted cataclysms and wars at the end of the century. It didn’t come true. But she described the future in great detail, because her Teacher was the great Rigden himself, the Lord of Shambhala. He told her, and showed, and explained. As a result, a lot of materials and records remained, they were published, and I will gradually tell what future, in her opinion, awaits us all. Let me tell you, it’s incredibly interesting.

Mahatma Koot Hoomi. He is a Tibetan, lived in Tibet in the 19th century and, at the request of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, corresponded with two Englishmen, Sinnett and Hume. This correspondence has been published, and the original is kept in the British National Museum, London. Actually, from this correspondence, the British themselves learned that Yellowstone would not be the first, but their favorite and only British islands. Koot Hoomi wrote:

“Yet geology and paleontology bear witness to much that we have to say. Of course, your science is right in many generalizations, but its premises are wrong, or at least wrong. For example, she is right that during the formation of America, ancient Atlantis was sinking, gradually collapsing; but she is wrong neither in the epochs she gives, nor in the calculation of the duration of this descent. The last is the future fate of your British Isles, first on the list of victims to be destroyed by fire (submarine volcanoes) and water. France and other countries will follow suit.”

This is how easily and gracefully the fate of the British was told to the whole world. He did not say about the date of this event, hinting only that soon.

Vanga. This amazing woman could do a lot. And she knew a lot. She didn’t talk about everything. But even what leaked to the Internet already says a lot. I was struck by her prediction about Kursk. Remember?

“The famous soothsayer from Bulgaria, Vanga, stated in 1980 that “at the end of the century, in August 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be under water, and the whole world will mourn it.” Such a prophecy caused surprise, since the Russian city of Kursk, located on the Central Russian Upland, is separated from the Black Sea closest to it by more than a thousand kilometers. However, the prediction turned out to be correct. On August 12, 2000, it became clear what the blind soothsayer had in mind. On this day, during the exercises, the nuclear submarine missile-carrying cruiser “Kursk”, which was the pride of the Russian military fleet, crashed. As a result, the entire crew of the submarine – 118 people – died. According to the official version, the Kursk was destroyed by a spontaneous explosion of a torpedo.

Realizing that she really predicts something real, I studied what she says about time X. It turns out that a lot.

  1. The version about the volcanic nature of cataclysms was confirmed by her. “White white, but not snow will cover the earth.” Most likely we are talking about volcanic ash.
  2. “Syria has not yet fallen.” It was the answer. And the question was: “Will there be a third world war?” From this we can understand that after the fall of Syria, the third world will come.
  3. Cataclysms will come after the war, when it has not subsided yet. That is, cataclysms and war are one disaster at one time. Not different.
  4. “The 44th President of the United States will be black. And this president will be the last for the country, because then America will freeze or fall into the abyss of the largest economic crisis. It may even break up into southern and northern states.

Nostradamus. Everything is more interesting here. Yes, he spoke about awakened volcanoes (twenty-one roaring vents), and about the complete depreciation of money as a result of the economic crisis. And about the world war, in which all states will blaze. And that all this will happen at the same time. But why is Nostradamus interesting for us, he tied all these events to one person, and tied the person to the exact date. And on this ground, you can already stand firmly.

“The year 1999, the seventh month.

A great king of terror will come from the sky

To resurrect the great king of Angamua

And before and after Mars, rule happily.

So, the King of Terror … it is not clear who. Probably someone who inspired terror by their appearance. King Angamua is easier. It turns out that Angamois means “My Angel” in Old French. That is, someone whom Nostradamus considers an Angel who descended to earth. There is even a version that Nostradamus addressed the letter to his son not to his physical son, but to this Angamua, for whom he left many clues. He considered this Angamua the savior of the world and considered it his duty to warn and help the one who would destroy all this nonsense.

So what do we know about this Angamua?

It will appear in July 1999 (by the way, at the very beginning of August there was a total solar eclipse). “Resurrect” perhaps means “to initiate”, to open memory. In short, Neo must remember that he is the chosen one))

Mars is war. Before Mars means before the war.

He will become a student of the head of the eastern Hermetic lodge (Shambhala?) and will receive from them all his knowledge and unknown technologies that will help him become the king of the world.

It will exist invisibly for some time, without appearing on the world stage.

And he will appear just at the time when the world war is about to begin and the volcanoes are almost waking up. And very quickly he will rise to the pedestal of the most influential and powerful person on the planet. He will bring peace and goodness and enlightenment to superstitious humanity. And when the cataclysms and wars end, it is King Angamua who will build a just society on our planet, where Light and Knowledge will be held in high esteem, and evil and wars will go into oblivion. Satya Yuga.

So, in 1999, he will be elected and will be taught in the Eastern Hermetic Lodge. That is, it will be an already established person, not a child and not an old man. And he will rule the world for many years, changing it. This means that now this person is probably at least 35 years old (if he began studying in 1999 at the age of about 20) and no more than 50, since he has so much to do. The active age of a man, when he can do a lot, start a new business and conquer the world, ends at about 60 years old. It is difficult to imagine that a 70-year-old elderly man will actively take power around the world into his own hands. Rather, he will be no more than 50, because he also needs to build a new world, and not just take power. This means that he will come to power no later than 15 years later. Or just about. From various sources it becomes clear that it is war and cataclysms that will give him power in his hands. Something will happen that when other rulers lose power, he will take it. For example, the technologies that he will be provided with in a hermetic oriental society. This is very well said by the way.Edgar Cayce :

“The 20th century will not have time to end yet, as the collapse of communism will come in the USSR, but Russia, freed from communism, will not progress, but a very difficult crisis. However, already after 2010 the former USSR will be reborn, but it will be reborn in a new form.

It is Russia that will lead the revived civilization of the Earth, and Siberia will become the center of this revival of the whole world. Through Russia, the hope of a lasting and just peace will come to the rest of the world. Each person will live for the sake of his neighbor. And this principle of life was born precisely in Russia, but many years will pass before it crystallizes. However, it is Russia that will give the whole world this hope.

The new Leader of Russia will be unknown to anyone for many years, but one day he will unexpectedly come into power. This will happen thanks to the power of his new completely unique technologies, which no one else will have to resist him. And then he will take all the supreme power of Russia into his own hands, and no one will be able to resist him. Subsequently, he will become the Lord of the World, will become the Law that brings light and prosperity to everything that exists on the planet. His intellect will allow him to master all the technologies that the entire race of people have dreamed of throughout their existence, he will create unique new machines that will allow him and his associates to become fantastically strong and powerful almost like Gods, and his intellect will allow him and his associates to become practically immortal.

The rest of the people will call him himself, and even his descendants, who live for 600 years, nothing more than Gods.

He, his descendants, his associates will not lack anything – neither clean fresh water, nor food, nor clothing, nor energy, nor weapons, for the reliable protection of all these benefits, at a time when all the rest of the world will be in chaos, poverty, hunger and even cannibalism.

God will be with him.

He will revive the Religion of Monotheism and create a culture based on goodness and justice. He himself and his new race will create throughout the world the centers of a new culture and a new technological civilization. His home, and the home of his new race, will be in the South of Siberia.”

Nostradamus said that King Angamua would come from Russia and it was from her that he would begin the transformation of the world.

But not only Casey and Nostradamus spoke about this chosen one. There were others. For example, Muslims are waiting for the arrival of the Mahdi, a prophet who will become the ruler of the world. And they say that the Mahdi has already come. And Christians are waiting for the arrival of the Comforter, whom Christ will send instead of himself, so that he will prepare the world for the Coming. Buddhists are waiting for Maitreya, who will wage a fleeting war against evil and win, and then he will begin to build a New, just world. Probably, all these characters are one person, because the King will be world. And it has already begun. From the dedication that the Russian King of Angamua received in 1999.

When will the disasters start? War? Apocalypse?

When Syria falls. When the British Isles begin to sink into the water. When the amazing human demigod Angel King starts to assert himself. It seems to me that all this will be plus or minus at the same time, in one year. And pretty soon. If not even faster. When we will see.

Of course, I did not avoid this issue in conversations with my Tibetan Teacher, he is wise, knows the future and explained a lot to me. Partly from his stories, partly from my own visions of the future, a series of stories called “The World of the Future” is compiled. I started posting them on my blog.

But I do not want to give many details and will not be in open sources, because they simply will not be understood.

The identity of the savior of the world

Nostradamus arranged his quatrains in chronological order.

And then he mixed them according to some principle.

The order is encrypted, and people are suffering, trying to understand this chronology again.

But there is a clear watershed of quatrains Before the apocalypse and AFTER. This can be observed very clearly, since the essence of the future terrible events is already visible.

One of the bright signs of the future time is the rising of the dead from the graves, which is also mentioned in the Bible. Seraphim of Sarov spoke about this event. This event was also reflected in the quatrain by Nostradamus.

X. 74. (10.74) 974/928

When the year turns to the great seventh,

At this time, the games of the hecatomb will appear,

Shortly before the great thousandth century,

When the dead come out of their grave.


  1. Year of the seventh great number
  2. Beginning of the hecatomb games
  3. Shortly before the thousandth century
  4. The dead will come out of the graves.

The first one is more or less clear. This is the seventh year after six years of cataclysms. Great – because the first year of the New World.

The third one is not clear to me. Maybe you readers have options?

The fourth is a separate big topic.

But the second requires clarification.

The word “hecatomb” today serves as a symbol of some bloody events, almost synonymous with massacre. The hecatomb is the most significant festive rite that was held in ancient Greece to remind that the laws of the Gods must not be forgotten. It must be said that the rite of the Hecatomb arose in Greece by no means by chance, it was preceded by very sad events that almost ended in a universal catastrophe. It all started with the fact that people forgot to honor the Gods and their Laws. It would seem, so what? Nothing, just at first everyone was almost killed by a terrible monster that entered mythology under the name of the Calydonian Boar. This danger for some time rallied people, and in order to avoid a common danger, the people united and defeated the Beast. However, the real trouble came after, when the happy hunters began to divide the prey.

This is where the most interesting thing began: completely forgetting about the main Law of the Gods, requiring that Justice and Peacefulness rule on Earth, people staged a War for the division of the skin of the killed Boar, and in this war all mankind almost died. The legend says that when the Earth was overwhelmed by blood streams, people, from the horror that seized them, nevertheless managed to change their minds and stop self-destruction, having felt the full power of the main Law in their own misfortune – one should never forget about humanity and justice. At the very least, such forgetfulness always ended in disaster, and in order to constantly remind this indisputable fact that does not require seven spans in the forehead, the Greeks decided to hold the Hecatomb festival once a year.

That is, the Hecatomb games are celebrated after the onset of peace and harmony between people. This is a holiday about the end of troubled times. People and states will divide the world and spheres of influence (which is now happening on the rise), then the world will drown in blood, after there will be six years of fear, and after that it will all end, and people will celebrate the end.

And about how bad it will be for them all, it is written in this quatrain:

I. 84. (1.84) 84

The darkened moon will plunge into complete darkness,

Her brother passes, rusty:

Great, long hidden in darkness,

Cool [hide] iron in a bloody disaster [rain].

This quatrain refers specifically to the six years of the Apocalypse, because it clearly describes the sky as it will become after the eruption of volcanoes, when millions of tons of ash pollute the stratosphere: the moon will not be visible, and the sun (brother of the moon) will turn rusty (after the eruption of Krakatoa, everything painters began to paint sunsets in blood red, and in Paris for two years the temperature in the summer did not rise above 10 degrees Celsius, many people died of starvation).

The Great One is King Angamua, he will cool the iron, that is, he will somehow stop the wars and the bloody rain caused by them. But let’s return to the last part of the previous Quatrain.

The dead will rise from their graves.

This is said in the Bible. Seraphim of Sarov spoke. And even Edgar Cayce described that these rebels would be like angels in white robes, would have little contact with people, build their cities and “be content.” How? How will they rise? What will rise? Bones in white clothes? Who will sew clothes for the bones?

Helena Roerich answered these questions very well.

She asserted that:

  1. In the astral world, the recently deceased have formed an organization of active citizens who are not alien to the fate of people and help us as best they can, in a coordinated and organized manner. There are about 10 million of them.
  2. The Brotherhood of Shambhala has created a compacted astral body, such a “suit” in which people “from the other world” can move here, act, being visible. And speak and be heard. Also, this body allows you to fly and pass through water and walls. And carry objects and people.
  3. These bodies will be given to these ten million creatures called “Ellas”, they will come and help the worthy survive in the cataclysms. They will build beautiful cities, where in time they will invite the best of people. So the new civilization will abolish the concept of death. Therefore, King Angamua and his associates are spoken of as immortal and possessing new technologies unknown to the people of the earth. This is indeed a new stage in the development of mankind.

Not much is known about these new bodies and their properties. But also a lot. I will write a separate post about them.

In the meantime, you need to understand that King Angamua – this is the Great One, lurking in darkness for a time, will become the savior of mankind. It is he who will be given the technologies of immortality and superpowers by Shambhala. It is he who will stop the bloodshed and begin to gather bit by bit people who are worthy of building the New World in the image and likeness of the Kingdom of God, about which Christians talk so much, but which no one has ever been able to build.

This is our immediate future. And who will be included in this number of employees of the King of Angamua, Karma decides now, looking into human hearts.

Why is this being resolved now?

There is an important law:

When the hour X comes, the person falls to the level of his preparedness, and does not rise to the level of his expectations.

That is, in troubled times, we will not become better. We will only reveal what will already be formed in us by that time as reflexes of the soul. And these qualities are formed here and now. Then it will be impossible to form them quickly under stress. How we will enter the time of troubles is how Karma will judge us, determining whether to help us or not.

The people who came from Heaven, Ella, will be the hand of fate. And it is not they who will choose who to save and who not, but Karma, directing their attention and efforts in the right direction. Therefore, one must become a Human here and now, without postponing it for some later, which may come just about.

About the personality of the King of Angamua, about the Sky People and how events will unfold in the near future, my next stories in the blog …

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