What Vanga predicted for us in 2020. Unknown prophecies

2019 has been a year of turmoil for many countries. An attempted coup d’état in Venezuela, riots in Bolivia and Hong Kong, a fire in Siberia.

Vanga’s predictions continue to come true. She always knew who would rise to the presidency and what natural disasters await us in the future. She foresaw chaos in Ukraine long before everything that happened, when there was still peace and tranquility there.

The prophecies of this woman have come true more than once. Her house at one time was a place of pilgrimage for many people who needed the help of a great soothsayer. She is no longer with us, but her predictions still continue to come true.

So what’s in store for us in 2020?

In the first six months, a global economic crisis will begin in the world. This will also affect Russia, but it will be the strongest of the countries and it will withstand it.

In 2020, a mysterious “eighth” will appear (who exactly is being discussed is still unknown), after the arrival of which peace will come for a thousand years. But who Vanga was talking about is a question that we will find out this year. She said that it was this eighth that would save the world.

What Vanga predicted for us in 2020. Unknown prophecies

She foresaw the onset of a huge number of global cataclysms in 2020. And the prophecy is coming true: a fire in Australia, an abnormally warm winter in Russia, a volcanic eruption in the Philippines and Alaska.

Vanga said that the time would come when the Sun would shine too much, but there would be no heat.

Ukraine in 2020 is also waiting for huge changes. The same year, she predicted a “thaw” in relations between Russia and Ukraine.

In Russia, a dry summer and very strong heat are expected. According to folk signs, it also coincides. Warm weather on Epiphany is usually a dry, lean summer. There will be severe drought and no rain for a long time. Rivers and seas will become shallow.

She also predicted that a Russia-China-India alliance would emerge. Vanga also said that something would appear in Russia that would become the basis for the development of the whole world.

Vanga also foresaw the transition of mankind to electronic money. She said that money would lose value and be replaced by numbers. And so it happened. Now they are massively switching to payment cards and few of us already use cash.

She also spoke about the emergence of brilliant children who in the near future will be able to discover a new planet suitable for the life of earthlings. But not everyone can live there.

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