Three secrets of Fatima: is there a prophecy about Russia that the Vatican hides from the world? (4 photos)

The UFO MIR website talked about possible secrets that lurk in the archives of the Vatican. One of them is a kind of Fatima prophecy that the Catholic Church can hide from the world. Well, there really is such a prophecy, and it is recognized by the Catholic Church as a miracle. But the Orthodox Church refuses to recognize the Fatima apparitions…

Three Prophecies of Fatima

Three secrets of Fatima: is there a prophecy about Russia that the Vatican hides from the world? (4 photos)

It all started in 1917, when three children, Lucia, Francisco and Jansita, met a woman in white near the Portuguese town of Fatima. She was later recognized by all Catholic believers as the Virgin Mary. So, she repeatedly appeared to the children, starting in 1915, and spoke to them on religious topics. The main phenomena occurred in 1917, on the 13th of each month. Soon this unusual phenomenon attracted the public, and on October 13 of the same year, the coming of the Virgin Mary was recorded. Or so it seemed to those who witnessed…

About 70 thousand people saw the “dance of the sun”, a strange celestial phenomenon. The girls, on the other hand, believed that it was the Virgin Mary, arms outstretched to the side, rising into the sky. Then she appeared only a few times, but in other cities, in Spain, and only to Lucia. What did the figure in white tell the girls?

Three secrets of Fatima: is there a prophecy about Russia that the Vatican hides from the world? (4 photos)

Lucia Santos and her cousins, Francisco and Jansita, saw the Virgin for the first time and told their family and friends about it. However, they were ridiculed, and even interrogated, but the girls did not give up their words. During the conversations, the Mother of God said that Lucia would live a long time, but she would soon take the other girls. Francisco and Jancita did not survive the serious illness and died in 1919 and 1920. But Lucia became a nun, wrote down her wonderful visions and lived until 2005. All her life she was in close contact with the Vatican.

Among all the conversations with the Virgin Mary, three main ones can be distinguished, which are called the Three Prophecies of Fatima. As the Virgin bequeathed, two of them were made public in 1929. Both are based on the same theme – the so-called “dedication to Russia”. But the world should have known the third prophecy in 1960, but the Vatican did not. This led to irreversible consequences, because the mystery of the third prophecy haunted many.

In 1981, an attacker hijacked the liner, demanding that the prophecy be made public. This was done only in 2000, the whole world saw the text, but there was nothing special there. This has led skeptics to say that the Vatican has released only part, or not at all, of the prophecy. Many Catholic believers, such as Cardinal Carrado Balducci or Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI), believed that it contained a prediction of the danger hanging over the world.

There is also controversy about the dedication to Russia, which was made (or still was not) in 1984. It seems that they did it, but it seems that it was not according to the rules, and the Orthodox Church in general does not recognize the Fatima apparitions. One way or another, the Virgin Mary demanded the consecration of Russia for the sake of peace on earth. Catholics believe that this is due precisely to the fact that in those years (1917) Russia was going through hard times for the church.

But the Russian Orthodox Church is sure that the Fatima apparitions are the result of a split between Orthodoxy and Catholicism. Thus, the Vatican wants to show that the Orthodox faith is not true.

It is worth remembering that the Fatima apparitions are an officially recognized miracle by the Catholic Church. No one can know exactly what was contained in the third prophecy, but one can speculate on this topic.

Do you think the Vatican released the entire text of the prophecy? And do you believe in the reality of these events? Thank you for your opinion!

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