Amazing predictions about the future received from an alien

No matter how much it was surprising, but a certain Tatyana gained the ability to contact a representative of an extraterrestrial race. In one of the contacts, she dared to ask a question that had worried her for a long time. The bottom line was what future awaits human civilization, how life on planet Earth will change.

During this contact, a native of the planet of the Sages became her interlocutor, he called himself Omo. His character was not easy: for example, he did not like it very much when his speech was interrupted. In addition, he had his own clear idea of ​​\u200b\u200bwhat questions it was appropriate to give answers to, and he refused to give information that, in his opinion, was not important for the interlocutor.

He explained his policy by the fact that humanity, in comparison with the race that lives on the planet of the Sages, is not at all developed. However, Tatyana answered the question with pleasure.

  • He said that in half a century humanity will flourish. People will have the latest technology, which used to be the ultimate dream.
  • The threat of war hanging over the people will be averted.
  • Fuel on the planet will lose its need. Teleportation will replace cars and planes to move around the Earth, and people will begin to use telepathic connections to communicate.
  • Each person will become the owner of implanted chips that improve capabilities. Fuel will be used only to move in outer space.
  • Space exploration will develop at a staggering pace. The moon will be reclaimed and the satellite will become habitable.
  • With the birth of a child, his abilities for a future profession will be revealed. Depending on the chosen area, the child will discover a volume of information that will increase as he grows up, helping to improve skills for mastering a particular profession.
  • A chip responsible for health will be implanted. As soon as any kind of changes occur with the body, the chip will give a signal. Such thorough attention to health will double the average life expectancy. The chip responsible for the mind will be implanted in the skull.
  • The “Library of the Mind” will be given leadership over the intellectual realm. A person will have access to all the required information, limited to certain individual access.
  • Gradually, the gene responsible for the propensity to deviate and commit criminal acts will be destroyed. This will reduce the level of hostility between people.
  • Changes will also affect nutrition. Everyone will have access to the Nutrition Portal, common to all people.
  • It would be inappropriate to think that all changes will be introduced into our lives by themselves. However, they will take life to a whole new level.

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