A pastor from the USA made a new gloomy prediction for 2021 and 2028 (2 photos)

One Kenton Beshore from California in the USA studied the Bible for many years and even served as president of the World Bible Society.

In 2016, his message to Christians was discovered. From the works of the preacher it turned out that he determined the date of the end of the world. Unfortunately, according to his data, believers have almost no time left to sincerely repent of their sins. The apocalypse will last for several years starting from 2021.

The coming of Jesus Christ will take place immediately after Armageddon in 2028. Beshore foreshadowed 7 terrible years for sinners all over the planet.

And in the end, the son of God will come to us and decide whether to take the righteous to the Kingdom of God or give them the Earth, on which there will be no place for evil and sins.

The pastor assured that a huge amount of evidence telling about the coming Apocalypse surrounds us and manifests itself in the form of various signs that appear more and more often. One of them Beshore considered natural disasters.

However, skeptics believe that Beshore’s opinion should not be taken seriously. People who knew the pastor personally claim that the priest was xenophobic, which is largely contrary to the teachings of Christ and puts the pastor’s message in a bad light.

Since Beshore has repeatedly made such statements in public and repeatedly, intolerant of disputes on this subject, many sane Americans believe that a man burdened with such thoughts and hatred of strangers about whom he knows little, could not bring into the world the prophecy sent down by a philanthropic son God’s.

A pastor from the USA made a new gloomy prediction for 2021 and 2028 (2 photos)

But it is not difficult to notice that prophecies about the soon expected end of the world appear more and more often. Some of the seers point to war.

Others see a future takeover of the Earth by hostile aliens.

Another part of the predictors claims that the new generation of artificial intelligence will turn against people, having come to such a decision after a series of calculations.

All this suggests that there are many options for the development of events, and many of them look so convincing that they scare many people.

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