What the world and people will look like in 2050

This is exactly what the average American woman will look like in 50 years, according to National Geographic magazine experts:

The division between races will shrink more and more. Now people get acquainted on the Internet and do not pay attention to the color of the skin or the shape of the eyes. Of course, some characteristic features will remain, and you will notice it if you come, for example, to Asia.

According to polls, today’s youth are loyal to interracial relations. And the division will go into oblivion.

So what will happen in the end? Many many different people of mixed races, or, conversely, some kind of single average? Experts lean towards the second option. There will be a single type of people with individual external features.

This scenario is possible in the US and Europe. But what about the whole world?

If you make a portrait of the average inhabitant of the world, that is, with the most common nationality, age and gender, then a citizen of the world is a 28-year-old Chinese. But India is overtaking China in terms of growth and could soon come out on top. By 2050, a 34-year-old Indian woman is likely to be a global citizen.

About the Indian – my personal forecast, made on the basis of current data on growth rates. And given the increase in life expectancy. It’s interesting to see if I hit the mark. There are only 30 years left. I hope that by that time, both Yandex.Zen and my blog will still exist!

What will life be like in 2050

The famous American physicist and futurist Michio Kaku is trying to

The main thing that will influence the world in the coming decades is artificial intelligence and nanotechnology. Just as electricity and the internal combustion engine once turned the world upside down, so they will change it now.

And if earlier the main resources for energy were oil and gas, now it is data.

Barriers in communication will be destroyed. It will be possible to broadcast emotions on the Internet. Like emoticons now, but only for real! And the person on the other end will understand exactly how you feel. Of course, artificial intelligence will soon learn to translate perfectly from any foreign language.

Decrease the value of household items that shopaholics are chasing. After all, any object can simply be printed on a 3D printer. The main thing is to buy or make an interesting design! This is where people will compete! No one has a cooler car and who paid more – and who came up with more interesting ideas! Creative freedom will come to the fore.

By the way, life expectancy will increase not just because new drugs are invented. It’s just that you will already have health scanners at home that will redirect information themselves in case of any threat. The disease can be recognized at an early stage. And artificial intelligence will give accurate recommendations, like an experienced doctor. And do it right away!

Elites will start to lose power

This is my personal prediction. It is becoming increasingly difficult for politicians and oligarchs to manipulate people. This is a trend all over the world. If earlier it was enough for a politician to point a finger at the enemy – and a war began, now people filter any statements of those in power.

Young people (adults of the future of 2050!) see no point in conflicts between countries. It becomes obvious to everyone that it is not countries, not nations that are in conflict, but the elites that are in power. So why help them? They already have power and money.

It seems to me that the main thing that will happen in the world in 2050 is the erasure of borders between countries. Now it becomes obvious that people have a lot in common.

And when effective translators are invented, it will become very easy to communicate with Europeans, Asians and Americans.

What is the most important thing you see in the world of 2050?

And finally. Recorded a comedy video about a historical curiosity. Based on real events – King Cyrus of Persia invented the mobile phone. Specific …. but with his help he really took the city.

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