The forecast of the Italian clairvoyant about the future of Russia

Starting from the mid-90s. a large number of clairvoyants have appeared in the world who can predict the future, both for a person and for various countries in general. For many countries, this was not an easy time, and many people listened to what the seers were telling them.

Also, the forecasts of mediums of the last century were often published in the media (newspapers, magazines, special brochures, etc.). And not so long ago, a friend asked me to help clean up the garage, where I came across one magazine of those times, in which I read an article about the Italian clairvoyant Mavis. If you trust the information I read, then this foreigner made a lot of predictions. Some have already come true, while others are about to come true.

What did Mavis predict for Russia?

  • Soon the whole world will be spiritually reborn, and Russia will lay the foundation for this. It will not happen so quickly, slowly and little by little. There will not be one spiritual leader, each nation will have its own – who the people will follow.
  • St. Petersburg will lose its grandeur and will no longer be called the second capital, and it will also change a lot. And our real capital will also change, but it will be smaller in area.
  • Big development in the future of Russia will be behind villages and small towns. That is why the outflow of people to large cities will stop. Fatally large development will receive settlements in the Trans-Urals and Karelia.
  • Crimea will pass into the power of Russia. There will be no war with Ukraine. But because of this, there will be big problems with the West, which will affect the economy and politics of the country.
  • Russia will reach the highest level of development, surpassing other countries of the world many times over. Here, most likely, the Italian clairvoyant meant the so-called Golden Age, which many clairvoyants predict. The beginning of which will be in the 21st century.
  • Scientific research in the field of genetics will change the world. Here the soothsayer most likely meant IVF, thanks to which you can plan a pregnancy, the sex of the child, etc. Perhaps in the future, geneticists will find something that can extend the life of a person, for example, cloning.

And what I did not like about the article I read was that it was criticized a lot. That she invented everything, that there are no specifics in her words.

But as you can see today, Mavis’s words weren’t made up. I can even assume that she was talking about a complete world restructuring of human consciousness. This is not about religion and faith in God. It’s just that people will begin to think differently, and it is Russian citizens who will lay the foundation for this.

On that positive note, I’ll probably end. Thank you for reading. I look forward to your thoughts on this topic.

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